[Update] Competitive System in Old School Runescape

Competitive System

Be competitive with the reworked player vs player system of runescape! Especially, upcoming tournament, it’s a place where competitive old school runescape players to showcase their skills. Old school runescape gold farmers, the betting system in duel arena has a new anti-scamming measure. If you think you are good enough, try competing against other players through staking your valuable items that is if you are really good!

Let’s talk about the event, tournament arena, and duel arena rework!

Competitive System

[Update] The Tournament

For the participants, each team is composed of 5 players. The teams will be participating on three player vs player game modes: first to kill 50 kills, last team standing, and king of the hill.

The “first to kill 50 kills,” is where the first team who scores 50 kills would be declared as the winner. The rules are pretty simple, kill the opponent 50 times, but it would take complicated mechanics to win.

The “last team standing,” is a quick match up. The participating team enters the arena and the first team to be wiped loses. Formulate a strategy that is effective against all situations. Example: killing the squishy characters first, if it didn’t work, focus on one target. We are humans. We formulate strategies; it’s the reason why mankind survived thousands of years.

“King of the Hill,” features defend and attack system. There will be a vantage point for players who capture it and defended well would score higher and be victorious.

[Update] The Tournament Arena

For participants of the upcoming tournament, there is an arena to practice – The tournament arena. It’s open for all players.

Every player who enters the arena will automatically be buffed to their maximum stats and could choose the best equipment. However, these things all disappear upon exiting the tournament arena.

[Update] Duel Arena Rework

The rule presets is now capable of saving chosen rules for duels. The highlight of this rework is, developers providing the anti-scamming measures for secured betting. This could be a good source of old school runescape gold if your character is strong enough to compete.

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