Turning Sand Stone into Potion Flasks in OSRS

Turning Sand Stone into Potion Flasks

We’ve taken a look at how you can earn cheap RS gold from herbs. How you get RSgold by turning those herbs into potions. Today we will look at how to make gold4rs making flasks that contain potions. You will need to buy RS gold for it, but you will earn it back quickly.

Turning Sand Stone into Potion Flasks

Gold investment

Before you can earn Runescape gold with this technique, you will first need to have Crafting at level 89. Mining also needs to be at 81 in order to use this method. Also be sure to have Rune Pickaxe or better so you can acquire the materials needed for Potion Flasks. For this however, you may need to buy Runescape gold. Aside from items, making Potion Flasks requires access to Oo’glog. You will also need to finish the As a First Resort… quest.

What’s next

Before you can create Potion Flasks, you will first need to have Red Sandstone. This can be obtained from the Red Sandstone located just outside of Oo’glog. Simply head to the stone and mine it. Once your inventory is full, go to Oo’glog via the hole nearby, then head west towards the Robust Glass Machine.  Here you convert the Red Sandstone into Robust Glass. Finally, blow the glass into flasks which you can bank. Potion Flasks sell on the RS3 Grand Exchange for 4,767 coins each.

Making more

Making Potion Flasks is a good quick source of gold, but it is not incredibly lucrative. Largely due to the daily mining limit for Red Sandstone. Players can only mine a maximum of 75 Red Sandstone per day. Note that the stone near Oo’glog has a maximum of 50 mines per day. For the remaining 25, you will need to mine the sandstone east of Sophanem.

Thankfully, there is a way to get more Red Sandstone despite the daily mining limit. This requires the Shooting Star D&D bonus. This will make mining sandstone yield 25% more. The Resourceful Aura can also help increase your yield to 104 Red Sandstone on average.

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