The Restless Ghost F2P Quest in Old School Runescape

The Restless Ghost

Oh, no! A ghost is haunting Lumbridge Graveyard—and the priest of the Lumbridge Church of Saradomin wants you to get rid of it. The Restless Ghost is a free-to-play quest in Runescape when you buy Runescape gold. Read the article below for a walkthrough/guide to this quest!

The Restless Ghost

Grave Matters: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest

It seems a ghost has been haunting the graveyard behind the Lumbridge Church. To start the quest, simply speak with Father Aereck at the Lumbridge Church of Saradomin. He will ask you to help him lay a ghost to peace, but first, you must speak with Father Urhney. You can find him in the swamps behind Lumbridge Castle. Apparently, this father is an expert ghost hunter himself. Exit the graveyard through the southern exit and head through the swamps, south of the Lumbridge Castle. Follow the shoreline to a mining area, and then walk west towards a small hut.

Father Urhney, the Ghost Hunter: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest

You will find Father Urhney meditating inside the small hut. At first, he will be unwilling to offer his services, though he will eventually give you a ghostspeak amulet. The amulet will allow you to communicate with otherworldly spirits. Afterwards, you should prepare as there will be a fight. Though a relatively easy quest, it won’t hurt to stack up on a few useful items, which you can buy with gold4rs.

Rest in Pieces: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest

Once you’re done, leave the swampy area and head back towards the graveyard in Lumbridge. There is a coffin located within the gated region, adjacent to the Catacombs in the Lumbridge graveyard. Now’s a good time to equip items you’ve bought with cheap Runescape gold in your inventory, and also the ghostspeak amulet you got from Father Urhney, before speaking with the restless ghost. The restless ghost will reveal that he isn’t sure why he hasn’t departed, though he suggests it might have to do with his missing skull. He recounts that he was attacked by a warlock as he was mining to the south west. You will now have to retrieve it for him.

Locating the Missing Skull: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest

As expected, the ghost’s skull is located near the mining area, south of the graveyard. Search the rocks a bit to the east of the mining area, and you will find the skull inside your inventory. However, this is where the fight will be prompted: a skeleton warlock will appear and attack you. You have the option to actually run away from the skeleton instead of killing it, though this battle generally won’t be too difficult, so you might as well kill it. Whatever your decision is, return to the cemetery where the ghost resides and use the muddy skull on the open coffin. Shortly after a cutscene, the ghost will thank you and then fly off into the River Lum, thus concluding this quest.

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