Swept Away F2P Quest in Runescape Part 2

Swept Away

Swept Away is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters originally released to accompany the 2008 Halloween event. It revolves around helping the witch Maggie complete her special goulash being cooked in her cauldron. Find out more about the quest when you buy Runescape gold in the article below.

Swept Away

Hetty in Rimmington

For the final enchantment, travel to Rimmington to speak with Hetty in her house, east of the town well. Instead of enchanting the broom, however, Hetty will promise to concoct a ‘theurgical broom ointment’ that you can directly apply on the broomstick. To complete the said ointment, she will need a newt. Luckily, you won’t have to search far and wide for this as Hetty has already recently received a package of newts and toads.

Mislabeled Crates

Go down the trapdoor south of her house and meet up with Gus, the delivery ghoul who will explain that the three delivery crates containing newts, toads, and a combination of newts and toads have got their labels mixed up. Gus will request you to help him label the crates correctly, keeping in mind that all the crates are wrongly labeled and that you can only remove one sample from any one crate. He will give you three labels to apply on the correct crates: newt label, toad label, and newts and toads label. The combination is different for every player, though.

Solving the Puzzle

In order to solve this puzzle, remember that every crate is labeled wrong, and that you are only allowed to choose the sample from one crate. Extract a creature from the incorrectly labeled ‘Newt and Toad’ mixture. If you extract a newt from the mixture crate, place a newt label on that crate; likewise, if you extract a toad from the mixture, put a toad label on that crate. Note that of the remaining two crates, one will have the label of the creature that wasn’t in the previous crate. Apply the newts and toads label to this crate, and then add the final label to the last. Anyway, if you make a mistake, Gus will let you know and you can start over.

Enchanted Broom

After you have successfully labeled all the crates, grab the newt out of the crate and head back to Hetty. She will apply the newt slime to the ointment; use the mixture on the broom to enchant it. Elated, she will grant you the honor of stirring the goulash. Stir the cauldron with the broomstick and then speak with Maggie again to receive a bowl to drink the goulash in. This marks the conclusion of this quest, thus earning you a generous reward of RSgold.

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