Stop the War Between Runescape Games

Players of two games under one company or franchise like Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 would get along pretty well, right? Well, not in their case. Old School Runescape players usually bash on Runescape 3 for all sorts of reasons. The hating seems to pile up a lot recently. Why is this so? Shouldn’t they be getting along since they are just both Runescape games?

RS 2007 Gold: Apology

An Old School Runescape named wolfzwinkel posted in Reddit in relation to this topic:

I quit RS3 for OSRS 1 year ago after I finally maxed my account. I was getting bored so started a OSRS ironman and I am enjoying it.

However I just want to say sorry for all the shit RS3 gets from our community. Trust me there are tons of people who respect RS3 and cringe when someone leaves a comment such as ‘RS3 is a dead game.’ Most of you don’t even retaliate to those comments which I also thank you for.

Sure I hated overrides/soloman store but I knew loads of people didn’t and that’s okay, I didn’t foul mouth anyone who played the game. Unfortunately the way to see the good in the community is by actually playing the game.r/2007scape and twitch is just full of salt and memes :(. But trust me I’ve met some incredibly nice and friendly people in this game.

Its also sad because its so hard for us to get a new update because people whine about the graphics or content being ‘too RS3 like.’

Also would just like to say I still watch the runescape live-streams and love them. They have a relaxed light-hearted mood and would like to praise the JMods behind them (Mod JD and Jon but not too sure). Also NXT looks bloody amazing!

Sorry for the clunky post and lets enjoy whatever version of runescape we play!”


Old School Runescape Gold

If people are more open-minded like wolfzwinkel, it would be a better relationship between two communities. Yes there are things you hate on the game but you don’t have to really bury it down to the earth and its community. You can just not play the game and be quiet about it. Kudos to wolfzwinkel, you are a good example to Runescape community!

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