Shield of Arrav F2P Quest in Old School Runescape Part 2

Shield of Arrav

Shield of Arrav is an F2P Runescape gold4rs hunters’ quest where the shield of the famous Arrav of Avarrocka has been stolen by organized crime syndicates in Varrock. Find out more about this quest in the article below.

Shield of Arrav

More about the Phoenix Gang

Previously, you climbed the ladder down to the hideout. Once inside the hideout, talk to Straven to ask to join. He will mention the Varrock Herald newspaper as a cover up. There should be an option to tell him that you know who he is: a member of the Phoenix Gang. If this option isn’t there, go back to Baraek and ask him about the Phoenix gang again, as you missed getting all of the information about them. After that, Straven will request that you kill Jonny the Beard. He is located in Varrock’s Blue Moon Inn. Before fighting him, you might want to buy better items with cheap Runescape gold to equip your character with. If you’re done, go to the pub located near the south entrance of Varrock. Go inside and find Johnny the Beard and kill him. He shouldn’t be too difficult. Jonny will drop a report which Straven needs. Retrieve the report and bring it back to him, and then speak with him to become a Phoenix Gang member. Straven will also give you the Weapon store key, which you will need to save for your partner. Look around for a chest in the south-west corner of the hideout to find one half of the Shield of Arrav. You can only grab one shield at a time, and you can no longer obtain it after completing the quest.

More about the Black Arm Gang

For the Black Arm Gang’s side, Katrine wants you to steal from the Phoenix Gang. She wants two of their crossbows. However, you will need a partner or friend in the Phoenix Gang to complete this quest. When your partner or friend has joined the Phoenix Gang, they will be given a Weapon store key. Ask them for this key and once you have it, go to the Phoenix Gang’s hideout location, but remember to stay above-ground. The hideout is near the south-east corner of Varrock. Look for locked door and use the key, then climb up the ladder. You might want to prepare yourself with a few items you can equip when you buy RS gold. Here you will have to face the Weaponsmaster. If you try to pick up the crossbow without killing the Weaponsmaster first, he will prevent you from doing so. Once he is dead, take two Phoenix crossbows. Once you have both of them, go back to Katrine to become a member of the Black Arm Gang. Go upstairs in the hideout and look for a cupboard, which contains one half of the Shield of Arrav.

Finishing Up

Now, to finish the quest and earn your reward of rsgold, take your half of the shield to King Roald. He will say that you need a certificate for the reward and that you need see the Curator in Varrock Museum. You can find him east of the Varrock Palace. Go and see the Curator, then use your half of the shield on him. Upon speaking with the Curator, he will give you 2 halves of the certificate. Your partner, who has the other half of the Shield of Arrav, will get the other halves of the certificate. Trade 1 half of the certificate with your partner for the other 1 half. When you have both halves, use one of them on the other half, to get a full certificate. Take the certificate to King Roald to claim your reward.

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