Shadow Over Ashdale F2P Quest in OSRS Part 1

Shadow Over Ashdale

Ships ferrying supplies to Ashdale have returned with their cargo still aboard, reporting that the island has apparently been deserted. Help Gudrik investigate the mystery surrounding Ashdale and find out what’s going on in this free-to-play quest for Runescape gold hunters!

Shadow Over Ashdale

Evil Aboard: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest

To prompt this quest, speak with Gudrik, southwest of Taverley bank. He will tell you about the supply ships that are regularly sent to Ashdale only to come back with their cargo still aboard. Ashdale is an island located near the Feldip Hills and is apparently deserted due to an evil aura looming over it. Gudrik, old as he is, wants you to travel to Ashdale to investigate the situation for him. Doing this quest has no requirements, and will reward you with rsgold and more.

The Mystery of the Island: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest

The ship is docked to the west. Board the ship to venture to Ashdale once you’ve stacked up on items which you can purchase with gold4rs.Upon your arrival, walk through the town. You will encounter some slime and a claw on the way, which you can inspect if you wish, and then continue onward until you meet Lucy, who is cowering in her house. She will inform you that the town was attacked by horrible creatures and were taken away as she was hiding in her attic. The whereabouts of the townspeople are unknown, but she thinks they may be taken under the island somewhere. You will need to get to the other side of the island, and Lucy will suggest you go through the sewers, which can be entered through a pipe behind her house.

Rats, Slime, and a Crassian Scout: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest

Enter the sewer from the storm drain out the back door of Lucy’s house. The sewer is populated by a few non-aggressive Level 2 sewer rats, and three cheap RS gold coin spawns can be found along the way. Continue onward until you reach a large chamber, where you will step in some slime and a crassian scout, and prompt an ambush from above. It attacks with both ranged and melee, and has the ability to stun you, and then retreat to attack you from a distance. Once its adrenaline bar reaches over 50%, it will gain the ability to use an attack which will dish out a large amount damage. You can either continue engaging it or simply run past it; your call. If you kill it, though, the crassian will drop aminnow, which you can consume to restore 200 of your life points and may help you for the duration of this quest if you haven’t purchased any consumables before, when you buy Runescape gold.

The Mystery of the Island: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest

Continue down the sewer and you will eventually reach the second chamber, with a second crassian scout waiting for you. Again, you have the option to run past it, or kill it in the same fashion as the first, before heading up the ladder. Emerge from the storm drain to the Ashdale Farm, which is empty of cows. Head south up two sets of stairs past the minnow pond, and a short cutscene will play, showing a house. There will be two more aggressive crassian scouts which you can fight or run from. Go through the gate to the south and enter the house at the top. Obtain a page from an old journal from the table to learn more about the Fourth Age architect Ogden Plainview and the history of the house. You will also come to know that there is a hidden entrance to the caves in the house. Inspect the bust of his head, and the centerpiece of the room will transform into a staircase leading to the caves.

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