Runescape Items: Ranting is Wrong

Players ranting anything about the MMORPG they play are increasing. It’s like an epidemic. If the number of players crying all over the internet about the littlest thing in their game increases, it might really be a good idea to stay offline, like, forever. All of these people think they deserve better. They feel like they are entitled to yell in general chat about something that nobody can do a fix on. The whole server population is their audience but they are too dumb to realize that it is better to create a ticket to the GM about their complaint. But no, the whole world that doesn’t care need to hear these crybabies out. Not to mention, they think that they are completely right and immediate actions should be done. Reality check though, they are not always right. Actually, most of these ranting babies are most of the time wrong. The mouth works first before the brain and they need to create a buzz in the general chat or whatever medium just so they can spread their nonsense.


Runescape Items: Example

I completely wrote this article because I read in a popular forum site completely related to this topic. There was a Runescape player complaining that Jagex was still charging him every month for membership / subscription even though he didn’t even login once. He even used the word “robbery” on Jagex because of this. Oh! In addition, he even suggested that Jagex implement a system that will mail and ask if the player would like to renew their subscription before charging.

You might think he’s right because he’s acting like a victim and all smart about it. No. The problem here is that he is too lazy to read that what he signed up for is the recurring subscription. This means Jagex will automatically charge him when his subscription runs out and will renew his membership as well. But no, he decided to let the whole forum and the whole world that he is stupid and lazy to cancel this recurring subscription plan. It’s two to three clicks for Pete’s sake!

As a result, people respond to him like how I think, he’s either lazy or completely dumb. So whenever you see a rant on the internet or you plan to voice out your complaint, think twice and well about it. Are you right to complain? Is there any way to solve this before filing a complaint? Is it okay to share it to the whole internet or just approach the game dev instead? Don’t be stupid people and stop flooding the internet with your pathetic tears.

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