Runescape gold gaining from 3rd party tools?

Runescape gold gaining from 3rd party tools? One answer to this is that they don’t like to spend a lot of time to grind for hours just to get an ample amount of gold.

Easy way to get runescape gold

So a year ago, Jagex announced about the Bot Busting Update but still players are still using illegal 3rd party tools or so called BOT to get more gold. There are several reason why these players tend to still use bots; These reasons cannot be considered as “legit” or “Acceptable” in Jagex eye.

Lacking of time to hunt or to level up your account’s stats is the reason of a player who doesn’t have “much” time to play Runescape. Some wanted to gain more runescape gold for their personal benefit while others use them to do farm gold.

To see the news, see:

As you can see even cats do it too…

everybody uses bots to get runescape gold even catz

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