RS 07 Gold: Complaints Everywhere in OSRS

Really. Every update in Old School Runescape is always not enough for the players of the game. Literally anything about Old School Runescape, people will always have something to complain about it. For example, they complain about OSRS going to the pay to win route. Hey, as if this is Jagex’s fault that this is happening. As much as I want to deny that fact that OSRS is easier if you pay real money but it is not Jagex’s fault. So as long as there are gold farmers, OSRS will be always be more of pay to win. As if Jagex didn’t do anything about this. They actually did something about these gold farmers and how they conduct operations but players still aim the blame game on Jagex.

RS 07 Gold: Old School, Correct

No wonder these players still love Old School Runescape. They cannot accept and appreciate change. Even in their own game, little updates to actually improve the game, more rants come to the point they are causing severe headaches when I read them. Hell, they don’t even complain about something for too long. One moment they are complaining about this. The next thing you know, they are complaining about that. Seriously, if you are going to complain about something, hold your ground to it until it is resolved then move to another. And it is not like Jagex is ignoring all of your complaints.


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Yes, Jagex do something about your complaints and you OSRS players are just incapable of appreciating them. Jagex even dealt about gold farmers and provided an alternative to beat these reason of the game becoming pay to win. But hey, you guys still complain about it and suggesting that it would be better if Jagex didn’t do anything about it. What’s wrong with you guys?!

I admit, I too sent some complaints to Jagex or at least posted some of it. Once it was resolved, I was just all quiet and satisfied. Deal with it. You people should be happy that OSRS still exists today because they know you love the game. So, suck it up. Play the game and move along. It is much better if you all quit the game rather than staying in the community and spreading your toxicity and cry baby attitude. Grow up people.

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