Quickly Earn Riches from Warped Tortoises

Quickly Earn Riches

Tortoises may seem docile at first glance, but the Warped Tortoises in Runescape are by no means docile. Unlike those in the real world, they are also a good source of cheap RS gold for the adventurous RSgold hunter. Buy RS gold to gear and get ready to hunt them for gold4rs.

Quickly Earn Riches


If you are planning on hunting Warped Tortoises to get cheap Runescape gold, you will need to have Magic or Ranged skills at level 70 or more. It is also recommended to have Defense at 70. You may need to buy Runescape gold for equipment however. It is advisable to have level 70 or higher Ranged or Magic armor with a weapon of the same level. A Crystal Chime is also mandatory if you want to damage the tortoises. This can be obtained by clearing the Path of Glouphrie quest. Lastly you will need access to the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon.

How to get more

Warped Tortoises can be killed to obtain Tortoise Shells. These can then be sold on the RS3 Grand Exchange for 13,904 coins each. Before you can hunt these mobs however, you will first need to clear the Path of Glouphrie quest. This will allow you to access the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon. You can reach this by teleporting using the Spirit Tree and heading to the eastern mountains of the Poison Waste. The dungeon has two areas that spawn Warped Tortoises. The first is up the stairs near the entrance. The second is near some Warped Terror birds.

Increasing profit

Profit from this method depends largely on how many Tortoise Shells you can loot. As such, being able to quickly kill the mobs will help improve your hourly profits. Picking up Swamp Tar, Noted Mithril Ore and Coal can also help augment your profits. If you have Magic Notepaper, using them to note the Tortoise Shells can also help increase their selling price.

Aside from more loot and higher sell prices, protecting yourself is also important. Gear up properly to minimize the damage the mobs in the dungeon deal to you. This will lessen downtime and the need for restorative items.

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