Not Logging Out in OSRS Accounts

We very well know that games are very addictive. Once we are addicted to a certain game, everything around us seize to exist. Yeah, at least for me it does. Like mom shouting from downstairs is just noise that will most likely be ignored because I’m too busy with this game. Rather, I don’t exist in the real world anymore because I already got sucked into the game already. I already live inside the game and would like to stay there until I can. Am I too much of gaming freak already? Well, I am pretty sure you can relate to this one way or another, if ever you got addicted to a game.

Loyal OSRS Accounts Owners

For a while now, I have this perception on OSRS players that they are very loyal to the game. Sometimes though borderline fanatics of Old School Runescape. But I am very open-minded to the topic so I will just regard them as solid fans and players. On the topic of them sticking to the game over the years, I just assumed that they do not play any other game aside from Old School Runescape. I mean, if ever since the 2000’s they played the game and are still playing now, you can have that assumption that there will be no other games installed in their computer aside from OSRS.


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Buy OSRS Accounts: Assumption is (Somewhat) Correct

So I was searching the World Wide Web to prove or disprove my assumption, true enough there was this thread talking about if OSRS players played another game and how it felt like. It made me laugh how these people posted their reactions to the topic. Some confirmed that they haven’t played any other game aside from Old School Runescape and asking people how is the (real) world outside of the game. Some said that with great effort, they managed to liberate from the strong grasp of the MMORPG. They even said that was the whole point of the name of the game, to “Run” and “escape” from it. LOL. These free people even shared what game they are playing now and how it felt like to be away from OSRS. They still miss the game though, which is a bittersweet comment.

Are you also still playing OSRS and having a hard time on letting go of the game? Share you experience with us!

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