OSRS Players Like RS3?

If there’s a reason behind why people play Old School Runescape, it is either they really love the game or they dislike Runescape 3. I would like to say that I am kidding with my opening statement but it is true. Anyone would get a quick answer from an OSRS player if they ask them what they hate about Runescape 3. How about we turn the tide around this time? If there is any, what do OSRS players like about Runescape 3? Let’s find out.

RS 2007 Account: Question

The curiosity sparked in me when I read the thread made about the topic. Maine_forest posted this in Reddit:

“I’ve seen countless threads in both /r/2007scape and /r/runescape why they dislike the other version of the game.

While I prefer the older combat style of OSRS that I’m nostalgic for, at the same time I am a huge fan of RS3’s quests and PvM content in general.

OSRS players, what do you actually like about RS3? If anything.”


Old School Runescape Account: Response

For starters, people agreed on the quests in Runescape 3 are great. They like the fact that there are new quests to do in Runescape 3 unlike in Old School Runescape that I think they have already done everything. And with the “nostalgic” factor of Old School Runescape, people assume that there shouldn’t be any more updates quests or storylines wise.

Evengraves gave a good paragraph:

“Homestly rs3 has some great content. I really like divination, a lot of the new quests and weapons. I like a lot of it. But the problem is, there are so many pure shit updates as well. Eoc, microtransactions, solomans store treasure hunter etc. They changed the graphical style so much i can barely recognize anything. It all looks like a fucking disney wow clone. They have a lot of great, high quality stuff. But not enough to make up for their abominable decisions with other updates.”

Though I understand the honest comments from evengraves, I really think the new stuff in Runescape 3 is just well, new. That’s why they don’t appreciate it since they got really used to the Old School Runescape style of gameplay.

How about you, Old School Runescape player? What do you like Runescape 3?

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