OSRS Gold: Suggest Pt. 2

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Last time I shared to you guys the intro to one suggestion of a player related to the game. Being a community based game and how Jagex responds makes OSRS Gold. Let’s see if this idea can be implemented in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Second Part


Without further ado, here’s the main suggestion in Reddit for OSRS:

To revive dead content Runescape is a big game and there is a lot of things to do. Some more profitable and useful than others. People will more often than not do content that gives you the most experience/hour or the gp/hour. This is why certain minigames are becoming dead and things like barbarian potions are not very popular (at least i think they aren’t, i’ve never used them)But, for example, if a skilling master gives you the task of doing shades of mort’ton five times, these kinds of skills will gain more recognition and start to flourish again.

To change up the grind A change of scenery is always nice and when you’re grinding a particular skill, although you may want to get the highest amount of xp/hour it can get boring, so, instead of grinding out on the wilderness agility course, you could be given the task to do a few laps on the ape atoll course.

To provide space for new content
Slayer requires you to have a certain level to kill a certain enemy, the same could be done for skilling. Access to new fish could be gained by getting a certain skilling level. This would also mean that bots camp specific spots would not be able get to new content as easily as they would have to have gone through many levels of different skills in order to get to the new content.

Obviously i have been vague on many points but i believe i have kind of explained what the suggestion is and why it could be a good addition to old school.

Thanks for reading and i’d love to hear any extra suggestions or criticism that could be added. Also i’m posting without checking spell or grammar so expect a few mistakes. RS name – poogun1 (i’m a noob and created the account when i was like 10)

A very nice suggestion. Maybe I should buy OSRS gold and give to this dude if ever this wins an approval from Jagex. LOL.


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