OSRS Gold: Love From OSRS to WoW

Old School Runescape, the old version of the MMORPG that players, old and new, still love today. This game seems like is immune to age. The game never gets old for players. In fairness, the game is really fun. If the source of enjoyment is from the good old days, then let us just let it be. We don’t have to ruin the fun for them. Anyways, Old School Runescape is still the home for many players even up to now, 2016. Old school gaming still lives on!

OSRS Gold: Share the Love

So apparently, there is a vanilla private server of World of Warcraft recently shut down by Blizzard’s lawyers. Yes, there are at least 150,000 people playing in that server where the game is of that old vanilla type. How World of Warcraft was, how difficult it was, how stats were back then, it is all there. The server name is Nostalrius and players who love the MMORPG how it was, play in this legacy server.


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I found this one from a post in Reddit petitioning on bringing the server back up as they really want to play there. Here’s the original post from Reddit:

You can sign the petition HERE

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to anyone making their way over from Nostalrius. Let’s make them feel at home.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what this is about. Nostalrius was a vanilla World of Warcraft (2005/6) private server that was recently shut down by Blizzards lawyers. The servers were run by a small team for no profit and at the time of its closure Nostalrius had over 150,000 active players.

People from Nostalrius and thousands of other gamers around the world are upset about this and would like to see legacy servers brought online. The demand is definitly there, we just need to show Blizzard how serious we are. I’m calling on your support for them now the same way they helped spread awareness of Old School Runescape. Here is Athene supporting the Old School petition

Remember that Old School Runescape started exactly the same way so there is still hope for Legacy WoW!

Stay strong brothers

It’s good to see that Old School Runescape players know how it feels to love a game that was left behind by time and technology. All the more they are helping other MMORPG players like this in WoW on bringing back that vanilla server up. Some old school loving right there! Hope they succeed in this!

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