OSRS Accounts: What Do You Think About This?

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Here’s another bright spot in Old School Runescape of one of the OSRS Accounts owner contributing an idea in order to improve the game. Read on!

OSRS Accounts: Suggestion

Reddit has been a good medium in getting ideas from players on how to make Old School Runescape better:

Leeching is fine, people will leech. We can’t change that, I’m not complaining about it. In spite of this, I’d like to see rewards for people who actually participate in Castle Wars. 50 hours for a Halo is insane, especially when the people who AFK get it just as quickly.

Please offer incentives to actually playing Castle Wars in the form of bonus tickets or a percent chance to receive a random reward (Higher chance of cheaper items) from the Castle Wars shop for actually participating (Measure participation in the form of damage, destroying enemy cades and caps) If Jagex were to potentially give a random item they would need to consider reworking the shop so you can’t trade in your items for full tickets. If this happens I’d really like to see them warn players ahead of time so they can go ahead and swap their items out for tickets. (This is a negative for that solution)

In the spirit of OSRS I don’t mind getting some nice RNG for a reward from playing Castle Wars, but I think actually playing the game should certainly expedite the speed at which you receive the rewards. In order to combat people who will 1v1 their alts in Castle Wars to receive max rewards, consider requiring 10 players to start a Castle Wars game.

I’ve heard Jagex mention that they’ve consulted with the biggest Castle Wars clan who says that the rewards should remain as they are. I think that’s ridiculous, those players already have all of the rewards. Most of us play Castle Wars casually for a halo on our pures or just for fun.

I would appreciate constructive feedback as to why this either is not viable or appropriate.

OSRS Accounts, OSRS Accounts for Sale, OSRS, Old School Runescape

If this would be applied to the game, it will entice more players to be active and prevent them from posting “OSRS Accounts For Sale”. What do you think? Is this a good idea or not? Let us know!

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