OSRS Accounts: Versus Favoritism

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Last time we talked about on how people thinks that Jagex is only applying the ban hammer to selected offenders because there is “favoritism”. Selective punishment is the least to be desired by some players with the rise of bot users. Number of OSRS Accounts diminished because of this. Well, disappointment to the game company is the end result. They are disappointed that not all players are equal to the eyes of the law in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Accounts: Other Side

There are two sides of the story, always. It would be unfair for Jagex to only listen to the people who are complaining that there is favoritism in terms of banning bot users and other offenders.

There was a comment posted on the topic which really made a good point to the defense of Jagex:

They are banning bots. But there’s only ONE person doing it, and he does a damn good job of it. People don’t realize this plus the fact that it’s easier to create bots faster than they get banned. Bots will always be a thing because a) people are lazy and b) there’s a market for rsgp.

The bans are from the actions of one mod (essentially). The others are a) covering his ass because there’s a conspiracy going on, b) they’re covering his ass because they’re afraid of possibly hindering their jobs, which is very realistic, c) the bans are actually justified and those that did get banned planned our their posts and evidence to make it seem like they are the victims, thus everyone jumps aboard the train and the JMods are presented with a lot of hate.

Does this whole thing suck? Of course. It’s clear favoritism if there’s no real evidence for their bans. If there is, then those bans are justified.

They’ve done a lot of good for the game. Far more good than bad. Don’t forget that.

OSRS Accounts

There are more things that you don’t normally see or know


The comment was really on point. To be honest, those who complain most of the time don’t have the open-mindedness on what is happening behind the scenes. They only have superficial knowledge. I’m not saying they’re wrong. They just have to look at the other side as well like this comment from reddit. If only more people are so, there will be lesser number of players posting “OSRS for sale” because they are quitting.


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