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Toxic. This is a word that has been commonly used in the recent years to describe MMORPG community. It does not matter if it is from people with OSRS Accounts or any other online multiplayer game out there. The toxicity between players has been pretty evident and a lot of people have been and are talking about it and what is the cause of it all. Heck, players all over the world are even toxic about the topic of toxicity.

OSRS Accounts: Different level

So, I think we have discussed already the difference of toxicity level of Runescape 3 Community from Old School Runescape Community. People (assumed players) said and I think unanimously agree that Old School Runescape Community is more toxic. Players that were able to experience both communities shared that they can’t breathe more in Old School Runescape than being in Runescape 3. The toxicity was like having a permanent grasp on their neck and one move can cost you your peace in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Accounts

Why is that? I mean, they both hold the name Runescape but why are they turning on against each other? And if not, players on the same game just want to fight against each other. Well, it is more prevalent in Old School Runescape. Still, why? MMORPG was not made for that, right? Well, people assume that because Old School Runescape community is more toxic because of it being PvP centric. People assume that the PvP centricity of Old School Runescape causes all of the bad blood between players, strangers or not to each other. It still does not explain why? In my opinion, there is one thing. It is the competitive nature of PvP players. They are always looking for competition that even in their very normal instance of conversing, they still want to end up in top. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have experienced and became like that when I only play PvP games. But with this toxicity level rising, one won’t wonder why people tend to post “OSRS Accounts for Sale” in various media.

Hopefully this calms down very soon. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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