OSRS Accounts Secure Enough?

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It is a really big problem for any MMORPG when it comes to security of the players’ accounts. All the security measures possible are given for the players and still, hackers get their way into taking people’s precious accounts. Most of the time, these players that get hacked are the ones that don’t really deserve it. Not that anyone deserves to be hacked but what I am saying is, anyone can be a victim of this. Old School Runescape is no exception. Actually, more and more OSRS Accounts are getting stolen. Jagex is doing their part in certifying security but like as said, these malicious, no good cyber criminals can still sneak their dirty hands on those OSRS Accounts.

Do Your Part

OSRS Account, OSRS Account for Sale, OSRS, Old School Runescape

Not everyone knows that their accounts can be hacked anytime. Yes, there are still people unaware of this and player education is a must. It is good when you see someone who is not uninformed of the situation concerning hacking like this dude named 77maf from OSRS Subreddit. He posted there in fear of him not securing his OSRS Account enough:

Roughly 3 months ago i was hacked due to my email being compromised and having malware on my computer.. I have since then got various virus scanners and computer protection. I have also changed my emails and set up 2 step authenticators on both the primary, and back up emails. I have also reenabled the authenticator on my OSRS account itself. I have never account shared nor did i buy the account, but i am just wondering if there is anything else i should do to protect myself or what to be careful about doing so i never get hacked again. thanks.

If you have done the things 77maf have already done, just be careful in clicking phishing links and don’t share your account info. Those phishing links will try to get your account info and you should be able to distinguish such. If not, be ready to see your account posted in those OSRS Accounts for sale sites.

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