OSRS Accounts: Proof

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I really like how the Old School Runescape population feels like a community. Yes, there are toxic players around but there still are good people in there. In fact, I think there are more helpful OSRS accounts owners compared to any online game community. Yeah, they say Old School Runescape have lots of undesirable players because of their attitude but which player population doesn’t? It also doesn’t mean that they are all like that. There are still pleasing personalities in there and again, there are more kind people in Old School Runescape compared to any other games’ community. Trust me, this opinion of mine is true.

OSRS Accounts: Spreading the Good Vibe

To disprove the people still thinking that the OSRS community is filled with unwelcoming attitude, here is a post by frostsoar:


Past weeks I’ve been working a bit on my osrs account after a very long inactivity except from dmm & sdmm’s.

Got myself barrows gloves and fcape etc. But I’m not sure what stats to work on now when lvling slayer.

What tasks should I use range for? What attack/str and in which order should I go for?

These are my stats: http://imgur.com/a/vyy2a

My bank is around 25-30m to dispose for equipment & supplies.

I shared this because people really wanted to help him. Suggestions were really helpful. Take this reply by Im_fsr:

I blowpiped a lot of my slayer, till 94 range. Now I’m meleeing /cannoning all my tasks. If meleeing I suggest using Guthans to heal, it’s not as efficient as using food but I’m lazy so it works for me.

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Normally you will get “git gud” or “stop sucking” kind of replies to such posts but here, people really wanted to help frostsoar out. This is a proof that not all OSRS account holders are bad people. Are you one of those kind and helpful people? Keep it that way.

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