OSRS Accounts: More Supportive

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One of my past articles I shared to you my thoughts that OSRS Accounts played by players still exist because of the demand voiced out by players to keep the game afloat. Yeah, since players have been vocal about Old School Runescape still should be running because they still want to play and was answered by Jagex, the support team shouldn’t be waning the support. It is not enough that they keep the servers running. There is more to that.

OSRS Accounts: Players’ Side

First and foremost, we, OSRS players, should be thankful to Jagex that the game is still playable now. I think we have been supportive by still playing the game and subscribing monthly. In my opinion though, it is not enough. It might cover our “thanks” in the monetary side but I think us, OSRS players, should be more vocal to them on how thankful we are to what they have done and are still doing. We should like create more threads about how thankful we are and how fortunate we are to be still playing the game we grew up playing and how happy we are because of this. Maybe create a contest on making a thank you poster and most creative wins like in-game items. Yeah, rare in-game items so that many will join. In that level of enthusiasm, we can repay Jagex in continuing the support they are giving to the game for us.

OSRS Accounts

We should also let the little disappointments slide once in a while. Like if there is a little bug in the game or there was a problem in the game because of a recent update, we should not be all angry at once. Let us give them some slack because their jobs are not that easy as we think because we can only see it as a player, not as the ones actually encoding to make the game run smoothly. Let us be more supportive. Who knows, they might appreciate us being like that thus giving them boost in order to do things much better. More motivation to make OSRS the very best it can be. OSRS can potentially be better that we don’t have to think about posting “OSRS Accounts for Sale” because we decide to quit. Right? I hope you guys are on the same boat as I am!

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