OSRS Accounts: It Has Come To This

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Wow, I have never thought that the negativity from Old School Runescape players have grown so bad that people are actually making satires or sarcastic jokes out of them. Really, I only thought that MOBA’s are the ultimate juicer of rage from players but seeing all the talks from forums and Reddit, I think Old School Runescape negativity and toxicity surpassed MOBA. Like, if you are experience overflowing rage, you should create multiple OSRS Accounts and login there. They will appreciate your anger and will try to match it and even defeat you in terms of rage level. That’s how bad it is.

OSRS Accounts: Example

Like I said, I have been jumping on different forums just to read what is going on outside of the game. What people are talking about? How do they chat outside of the game? All that stuff. Because in-game, you can definitely experience the negative vibes of the people. I was just surprised that it was really overwhelming that people are actually making jokes and posts about it. Here is one example from Reddit:

SO how many of OSRS’s players are actually human?

It sure seems like a lot are sub-human horrific monsters, unable to feel any emotion that isn’t hatred!

See humans experience positive thoughts, sensations other than the sick twisted need to be as evil as possible.

What is it with this game attracting vile, unholy abominations? Do they have a fetish for causing pain and suffering?

So HUMANS who play this game, what do you think? I imagine many of the aforementioned monsters will view this but eh… I don’t care what they think I only care what humans think.

 OSRS Accounts

The toxicity is so bad that he thought people playing OSRS are not human. I was amused with the post because I found it hilariously true but at the same time concerned that OSRS players are degrading even more. Maybe a little bit more of this will make me post “OSRS Accounts for Sale” and just quit the game. I don’t know. Hope this turns upside down and OSRS players be known as a good community to play with once again.

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