OSRS Accounts For Sale: PSA

So are you a paying player in Old School Runescape? Here is some public service announcement that you may want to know (if you don’t know):

OSRS Accounts For Sale: Things You Should Know

This is from a post in Reddit:

  • Most of the Jagex staff finish work on Friday evenings whereupon a mass of disposable bot accounts are created.
  • Optionally, enough coins to purchase a membership bond is given to the disposable bot accounts in order to access member’s features.
  • These bots then automate money-making skills like hunter relatively unimpeded for around the next 48+ hours.
  • By Sunday (like today) they are already swarming the high income methods like hunting black and red chinchompas.
  • By late Sunday night or early Monday morning, they have gained more than enough wealth to cover the cost of the bond, and the remainder of that wealth is transferred to another account.
  • On Monday morning, the core Jagex staff return to work and begin banning all of these bots whom by now will have hundreds of reports against them by legitimate players. (This is, of course, completely redundant at this point because all of the wealth gained is no longer on the account, and the account was created to be disposable anyway.)
  • Gold-sellers and players who do not care about the integrity of the game they play will then go on to enjoy the fruits of this illegitimate wealth without consequence.


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Basically, this is a “the mouse plays when the cat’s away” thing. Weekend is the gold-bot time in Old School Runescape. It is completely destroying the fun of the game and what the game is all about. In addition, competing against bots is hella frustrating.

We are not saying that Jagex is not doing anything. Actually they are doing everything they can to avoid the multiplication of gold-bots. Jagex also said that they have staffs during the weekends so don’t fume at them once you have read this. This is only an idea on how things work and why these gold-bots exist because I am assuming not all paying players of Old School Runescape have knowledge about this.

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