OSRS Accounts During Halloween

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Do you and your friends have OSRS Accounts? Yes? Then it means you guys do play Old School Runescape! Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. You still have to attend this Halloween event hosted by people from UCSD. Part one of event info is here. Read on for part two!

OSRS Accounts: Information Part 2

Again, this is part 2. It is recommended that you read the first part, link given above.

Are You A More Social Person?

  • Real Life Castle Wars 5-7pm

Ever played a game of castle wars in real life with swords, arrows, and ballistas? We welcome you for your first time with toy swords, shields, arrows, and a self-made fully functional ballista (Everything will be provided)

  • (Ages 21+) Make Your Own Brew/Ales/ 7-9pm

For all the adults ages 21 and older, we will have a quick tutorial on how to make your own sara brews and wizard mind bombs! All of course will be drunken in an original brew flask or beer mug! Don’t get too drunk! We got more coming your way!

(Ages 21+) Bar Crawl @ PB!!

After 9pm, the party ends, but begins again at PB! From 10-11pm, we are driving/ meeting up at PB for our bar crawl. Drivers will be provided and gas money is not needed. But you pay for your own drinks

*Meet up 10-11pm

*Bar Crawl 11~1am?

Designated Drivers will be provided

For People who can’t meet up in real life!

There will be Boss Runs throughout all the event! Lead by your own moderator Ronin!

I hope everyone can join us for our first Halloween party! To know the location just message for the location. This is an exclusive event open to everyone! Hope to see you all there.

P.S. Free partyhats will be provided!

Old School Runescape Accounts, Runescape 2007 Accounts, OSRS, Old School Ruenscape

Ready your Old School Runescape Accounts and join this amazing Halloween Event in UCSD! See you guys!

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