Old School Runescape Curiosity – Continuation

Last time I shared with you the post of PrinceMcGiggle in Reddit asking this:

“I can understand how someone would find Runescape from 2007 interesting, maybe they don’t like all the new updates and stuff. What I do not understand is what is the allure when they are constantly updating it and adding features? That isn’t “old school” any more, its just Different Runescape. Is there some set of parameters on “Old School” that allows for some update types and not others? Would love to hear people’s opinions.”

We heard from watuphomi in his reply to this post, now let’s take a look on the other replies.

Old School Runescape Account: Other Replies

Here are some of the other notable replies to PrinceMcGiggle’s post:

  • “Lots of people don’t like RS3’s faster exp rates, treasure hunter, solomon’s, or EoC.”
  • “Many of the new game mechanics ruined Runescape for me. When I found out about osrs, I was excited to finally be able to play Runescape the way I enjoyed it! It was just a blast of nostalgia, and I no longer had to search for private servers to play the game the way I wanted”
  • “Just like every single thread of this nature on this subreddit and/r/2007scape, there is a great deal of conflict between the two games. I do not fucking understand it. Think osrs is shit and play rs3? Don’t talk shit and shut the fuck up. Think rs3 is shit and play osrs? Don’t talk shit and shut the fuck up. Everyone that complains, complains because they need assurance that they are playing the right game. The truth is, there is no right game. Play the game you enjoy and enjoy it. Don’t put down other games.”


Old School Runescape Accounts

It seems that some people got used to the old style of Runescape that’s why they still play the game. Not only that, the old days are relived when playing Old School Runescape. Nostalgia is definitely a good feeling. I quite disagree about the new mechanics ruin a game. New mechanics are added maybe because developers aim to make the newer Runescapes well, “new.”

I agree to the third comment is 100%. If you don’t the other Runescape, then play the other Runescape. That is why there are different versions so that players can freely choose whichever they like most. People (or players) all over the world have different preferences and you have yours too, so no need to compare and hate on the other.

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