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Old School Runescape being a community driven game, mods have been transparent and really communicative to the players. Actually, so active in letting the community about their plans and news, the mods are actually posting them in Reddit so that OSRS Accounts owners can respond to these plans.

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This post by Mod_Ronan was a month ago but I want to show you the interaction of the mods to the Old School Runescape players and vice versa:

Hey everyone,

As mentioned in yesterday’s developer Q&A, we are going to be changing how the dragon spear/zamorakian hasta/zamorakian spear special attack works. We are considering this a balancing change/bug fix, so it will not be polled. With that said, we do want your feedback to make sure the change we are making is the right change to make.

What we want to do:

  • Make it possible to enable/disable prayers during the spear stun.
  • Make it possible to drink prayer potions, sanfew serum and super restore potions during the spear stun.
  • Make it possible to die during the spear stun.

We feel this solves the biggest problems with the way the spear currently works (prayers continuing to drain longer than they should/the target not dying) while still keeping the spear useful.

If you have any thoughts on this change, let us know. We’ll wait to see what the community have to say before going ahead with this change.



OSRS Accounts, OSRS Accounts for Sale, OSRS, Old School Runescape

This is actually very good so that the exchange of ideas keeps on going to make the game better. This also, in my opinion, can strengthen the bond between the two thus avoiding disappointments and maintaining transparency which will be good. Suggestions and additions to the topic can also be made by players. Keeping this kind of communication can lessen the number of players planning on quitting OSRS posting “OSRS Accounts for Sale.” Good job, Jagex!

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