OSRS Account: People Not Playing

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As much as the population of Old School Runescape is desirable, there are still players who don’t play the game and don’t even dare to install the game in their machines. Do not get me wrong, OSRS is amazing (thus me having an OSRS Account) but we cannot still deny the fact that there are people that do not play the game for various reasons. What are those reasons though? Let me enumerate some.

OSRS Account: Why in My Opinion

These opinions of mine are solely based on my observations in the gaming world. I am daily exposed to gaming trends and news along with the opinions of my other gaming friends and acquaintances. I could be wrong in some (which I doubt) and you can freely disagree. Just leave it out in the comments section. Here we go!


Let’s be brutally honest, OSRS’s graphics is the least to be desired compared to recent games coming out. Even only in MMORPG category, OSRS will and can never match to graphics. Oh because OSRS is old and that’s the graphics way back 2000’s? Exactly my point. OSRS is so old that it cannot update its graphics and if the game does, that update will affect how the game is. OSRS is still up because players love the old feel, so why update to new graphics with a new feel? So yeah, OSRS will never change in graphics and thus it is in the bottom tier right now, which new players won’t entertain.

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With OSRS needing to have a monthly membership fee, new players will not dare to try the game out. We all are superficial, admit it. So if new players find out that they have to pay to play the game and in relation to the graphics which is the superficial aspect of what I’m talking about, yeah, they won’t play the game.

Toxic Community

The OSRS Community has become more toxic by the day. As a new player, I wouldn’t enter a game that has a toxic community and it’s getting worse and worse. I came to play and have fun, not stress myself out by surrounding myself with people fuming with toxicity.

I will give up my OSRS Account and post it as OSRS Account for Sale or give it to you if I am wrong with my observations and opinions. You can disagree but I will still not be wrong though. Please comment what you think!

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