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Old School Runescape has been running since 2007 as a backup for the original Runescape. Players of the first ever Runescape so loved the game that the demand for the game still be running up was answered. Up until now, the game is still available and is strong in terms of player population. Who would have thought, right?

OSRS Account: All Complaints

It is really a blessing that there is still someone supporting and managing Old School Runescape. OSRS could have been dead a long time now but with the voice of the people and the kind understanding of Jagex, people still get to play the awesome game. But recently though, the internet is filled with complaints about OSRS. The players are fed up with multiple disappointments and are now voicing in mass volumes. Well they have been since day 1 but the intensity and the number of complaints that are being posted in the internet regarding OSRS is overwhelming. Is this a sign that OSRS will shutdown soon like the recent closure of Darkscape?

OSRS Accounts

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There are massive complains every time I visit the forums of Old School Runescape and their subreddit. I think, for the past days I have been browsing these sites, I have not seen any good thing about Old School Runescape. If it is not about scamming, it is about botters. If it is not about botters, it is about scammers. If it is not about those two, it is about something else like someone posting “OSRS Accounts for Sale” or “Buy OSRS Account” or what we call spammers. It has to be something negative that is happening in OSRS. Unless there is a black propaganda going on here, Jagex is not doing a good job in handling the Old School Runescape. To think that once the people were really happy and they praise Jagex from head to toe. Now it is all bad news about them. I guess people won’t complain unless there is something to complain about. But for whatever reason, I really think that Jagex needs to improve on their job. After all, they volunteered in keeping the game running and it is their task to keep the spirits of the players alive and to keep the game itself alive. Hopefully OSRS won’t follow what happened to Darkscape.

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