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It sucks when you got used to playing an MMORPG with a bunch of real life friends, even friends you just met in-game and suddenly, the number’s decreasing of you playing together. You don’t even notice it, you are alone playing the game. For example, Old School Runescape, it sucks playing alone in your OSRS Account. It is not the same as before that many were online when you login. Creating a party was a breeze. Finishing activities was easy because you guys had numbers and coordination. Now that you are alone, it won’t feel like it was before and it will be hard to keep on playing.

OSRS Account Don’t Feel Sad

Well, if you are experiencing this problem, there are certainly numerous ways to resolve this. You don’t have to feel sad and do nothing about it. That will definitely make you a loser in the eyes of, well, the majority.

OSRS Accounts, OSRS Accounts for Sale, OSRS, Old School Runescape

One thing to do when you are left alone in an MMORPG like Old School Runescape is to make friends in-game. I mean, you ARE playing a “massive multiplayer” online game, right? It is not so hard to make friends. More so, you already have something in common with everyone in the game which is, enjoying the same game. It won’t be so difficult to talk to anyone and be friends with them. The negative thing about this is that you are not assured on their stay. They can be gone by tomorrow. Still, give it a try!

Another would be going through forums and ask there who are playing in the same server as yours. You could leave your username there and wait for responses. This limits the chances of actually finding someone in your server since not all in those forums play neither in the same server nor your time zone. Still worth a try if you ask me.

Maybe look into those sites that offer OSRS Accounts for sale also and stop them from selling their accounts and play with you. Of course this suggestion is borderline joke but an idea nonetheless.

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