Old School Runescape Gold: What Do You Think?

Old School Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold

Player inputs about the game are the reason and what make Old School Runescape gold. I mean, yeah the game is all developed and all that but their feedbacks are the molders of the imperfection of the game. Sometimes though, those comments are so absurd and biased that they don’t merit attention and true enough, Jagex will not do anything them.

Old School Runescape Gold: Another One

Old School Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold

Here is another opinion of a player (from Reddit) on how OSRS should be. This is just his opinion so please don’t be harsh on the comments.

In most-all updates Jagex puts out, the next new armor that they make is better in every way than the last. New things should never be better than the old in video games. They should make balanced updates that introduce new content with niche uses that don’t make it better than anything else in a specific situation. As a result of all these new BiS items such as the blowpipe and slayer helm, the game just becomes easier as a whole. Fighting bosses back in the day was a lot harder back then than it is now, and making a boss easier isn’t always a good thing. I suggest that jagex doesn’t add new best in slot armor and weapons such as the new mage armor from raids that is better in every circumstance. Give new armor and weapons nice uses that make it best for one circumstance and other weapons better for the other. If we keep making the best-in-slot meta more OP this game is eventually going to turn into rs3 because bosses are always going to need buffed drop tables because of new better bosses and are going to be mega easy because of OP armor.

I’m not very good at putting my thoughts together, and i would really appreciate it if someone else that is good at writing could address this issue because powercreep is bad and it is affecting this game negatively.

So do you agree with him? Disagree? Let us know if what he thought will make RS 2007 Gold or not.

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