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Old School Runescape has been community driven. Suggestions of players in the community have always been taken into consideration to make the game fresh. Of course, not all suggestions are considered and applied. Though the fact that players’ suggestions are received and sometimes applied is a big thing. It is not usual for the game company to listen to the people playing their game and just go about their plans. That’s what makes Old School Runescape Gold.

Old School Runescape Gold

Another Old School Runescape Gold

Here is part one of a very good suggestion from an OSRS player that I found in Reddit. This was pretty well thought and hopefully people and Jagex will take a look at this:

Just to give a quick TLDR of what i’m going to suggest, I think there is room for a potential new skill which would be similar to slayer, except it would require you to train a particular skill. You get a ‘skilling master’ who gives you tasks which you have to complete eg. ‘cut 300 yew logs’.

You may find the use of the word ‘skilling’ is used a lot btw. I also have no idea how to format so this may come out horribly. Also i’m sorry there are no pretty pictures like the sailing skill suggestion.

For many people (including myself) skilling is something that i can sometimes find a bit boring. However it is an essential part of the game and without it the game would be very different. I have also seen many posts on /r/2007scape saying that skilling needs more recognition or needs an update to be more fun and mean that it becomes less of a grind.

The skill would work very similarly to slayer. As i described before, you would have a some kind of ‘skiller master’ who would give you tasks to spice up the grind. Completion of a skilling task could earn you ‘skilling points’ which you could spend on items which could give you a specific bonus in an area or the opportunity to extend the length of a skilling task. Obviously these are suggestions which could be changed in the future.

I wanted to go through some of the potential benefits that skilling might have.

I will post part two soon. Some RS 2007 Gold stuff I tell you! Wait for it!

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