Old School Runescape Gold: Players Voicing Out

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Last time I mentioned that Old School Runescape is a community driven game and the history behind why it is still running. I happened to bump into an example of it after publishing the article. This is worth every Old School Runescape Gold you have.


OSRS: Example

Not_Ross_RS posted this in the Old School Runescape subreddit as to voice out his opinion as a player of the game. Here is his post:

 Zeah doesn’t feel finished at all. For weeks, players as well as myself have suggested ways to add content to the existing build of Zeah. For example, Zeah as a continent is lacking content towns generally would have, such as:

  • POH Portals
  • Area-Specific shops (Selling items unique to that area, e.g. The Moonclan Robes shop)
  • Vendors (Shops selling existing items, such as the Shield shop in Falador)
  • Resource spots such as Fishing spots or small mines scattered across the landmass, in rivers, lakes, etc

Most people at this point can’t be arsed to post new suggestions because one of three things generally happen:

  • It gets ignored.
  • Response A: “Too much Dev time/No real need” (Which honestly isn’t nice to hear after waiting just over a year for unfinished content, and considering the amount of support an idea may have on reddit, dubbing it “Un-needed” is a bit silly.)
  • Response B: “Great idea, will look into it” (But never gets heard of again, or bastardized into something unrecognizable and half-finished from the original idea)

The re-design is probably one of the best in-depth ideas for Zeah, and drastically improves the aesthetics of the area.

Don’t get me wrong, I love OSRS and I’m sure the developers are trying their best but you really, really need to listen when so many people are saying the same things over and over again about Zeah.

Edit: As some people have pointed out Zeah is a WIP: Yes they will be adding more content to Zeah, BUT the focus for future updates is primarily on the new zones being planned for Zeah, opposed to finishing the first batch of content.

 You can take a look at the comments of other people in response to this post. Let us know also in the comments section if they are all right on the money (RS 2007 Gold).


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