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Any MMORPG company should continuously pursue perfection in their game by constantly dishing out updates and fixes to their game. Whether it be content, security, user interface or game mechanics / balances, a game company like Jagex should keep their player base satisfied. Let’s say, me, one of the many Old School Runescape Accounts owner, should always feel secure of my account and at the same, be always entertained in the game with new content or up to date fixes.

Keeping Satisfaction to Old School Runescape Accounts

One of the many ways for Jagex to be able to get feedbacks from players is to take forums and threads seriously. I mean, they should put time on reading and responding to the posts of players which I think they are. That is one plus point to Jagex in doing right. Keeping the players involved in matters like those will keep them interested because they, including myself, for sure, appreciate that.

Let’s take this post in OSRS subreddit. This is one of the many posts there that gives suggestions and ideas to Jagex on how to improve the game and keep the player population satisfied:

Account security needs a change, someone mentioned a “safe box” unlocked by a personal item set by the player in game. Seems like a good start.

Osrs client update, world map, toggable item overlays, monster/pvp health bar %. I would be willing to pay more a month for a better client I currently only use the normal rs client. And don’t plan on changing that.

improving existing content while thinking about the future. A lot of people love the simple updates the most imo

I love this game and as a veteran this is what I would want the most.

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This is a post by Runescapem9 in Reddit. I think his ideas are great. If there is anything that any of the thousands of Runescape 2007 Accounts need right now are security enhancements and additional contents.

Any more additional ideas that you might want to add here that you think Old School Runescape should incorporate to the game? Let us know!

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