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The battle for players between MMORPG’s is getting fiercer. With the hundreds and thousands of MMORPG (or any game genre, really) out there, the competition is really a matter of how many people are playing the game on a daily basis. Of course, the number of players for that game means the amount of sales. It isn’t different to the MMORPG industry that in order to sell, they have to advertise. Why do you think World of Warcraft (actually most of the games of Blizzard today) is still doing great in terms of sale? Yes, it is because they are, for me, the master in advertising their games. So, in order for people to create Old School Runescape Accounts, I think Jagex has to do some insane advertising themselves.

Advertising for More Old School Runescape Accounts

There are a lot of ideas on how to advertise a game and keep it interesting for the old and potentially, new players. Take it from Blizzard. They make a lot of cinematics, animated shorts, comics, giveaways, etc. The point is, any creative idea on advertising will be great for Old School Runescape.

Just like this idea of CrystalF2P in Reddit which I think is a great idea:

Instant Demo was a feature in RS that allowed people to try it out without making an account, just point and click adventure start. When I read about this after hearing about it in Mote Plox’s video some time ago I really really wanted to play it and I’m extremely sad that it’s not around anymore then I though it would fit Osrs even more than it would fit nowadays RS3. OSRS gets more internet attention and I think that implementing something like Instant Demo where people can click on an ad, a client will start in their browser and they can exploring a very limited part of RS world would encourage them to create F2P account and then maybe go mem.

I know that the thread might get astounding amount of downvotes, this is mostly a question IF something like that could be implemented.

Thanks for the answer in advance.

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Why not, Jagex? I mean, yeah, the number of Old School Runescape players is good, but compared to WoW and the other top MMORPG’s, it is nothing. This could lure many players into OSRS if they get a quick, non-burdensome way of actually trying out the game. Runescape 2007 Accounts number would skyrocket, in my honest opinion, if they make this possible in OSRS.

How about you, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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