Old School Runescape Accounts for Jagex

Are you one of those with Old School Runescape Accounts who is about to have enough of the disappointments that Jagex is giving you? Even if this is true, I don’t deny the failures of Jagex, but did you approach every disappointment they give with logic? Well, I think you will find this dude’s post pretty logical.

Food for Thought for your Old School Runescape Accounts

This is a post by Mercenary0527 in Reddit in “Defending Jagex”:

To everyone shit posting and chewing out jagex its honestly just disappointing and childish. Think of the situation they are in. They made a mistake and guess what everyone makes mistakes and they have to deal with it, they are also going to learn from it and constantly bitching at them will not help me to learn their lesson. It is a huge shame that people have lost their ironman accounts but they need to realize they took a risk with participating in LMS right after release because if you TRUELY BELIEVED that it should not have been released then WHY would you play it?? In this situation you need to take some blame yourself. Long ago people wanted jagex to give roll backs and handouts to people who had been scammed and i was one of those players. I thought it was ridiculous because the scammer used a bug in game to kill me and so i had to mature myself to learn not to be in that position ever again. You made your UIM account knowing you always have the possibility one day of losing all of that hard work, you took a chance at an update you (and the community) deemed not ready for release. This post is not directed at one person but at the group of people complaining and bashing jagex like they always do. Its funny how people always chew you out for the bad you do and never give huge celebration gor the good. At the end of the day its a game and a business and jagex has always leaned toward providing for the players rather than business (or else OSRS would not exist)

(Sorry for any spelling/grammer errors/bad english and for the salt of some jagex haters/dead UIM)

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I agree with him in many ways. How about you, Runescape 2007 Accounts owner? Let us know in the comments section or comment on the original post in Reddit.

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