Old School Runescape Accounts: Favoritism?

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As I was about to search for more resources on how to be more supportive to Old School Runescape support team, I come across a totally downer of a post. I mean, from being totally positive on how to approach Old School Runescape and be supportive of their good work to all of a sudden, this unfortunate post being all so negative. I don’t know if it is true but for us Old School Runescape Accounts owner, if it is true. this might be a last straw for some of us.

Old School Runescape Accounts: What I Found

So yeah, I was looking for more inspirational posts in Reddit in relation to OSRS having a great support team but stopped by this post by nicholasflynnpolidor:

love this game. I love the creators, and how they are community orientated. It actually distresses me to see how they are favoring particular users over others. They are not banning bots, they are not banning castle wars crashers who ruin the minigame, but they do ban whoever a certain streamer points his or her finger at. This is actually saddening to see. I WANT to love the OSRS team, but i am feeling like i can not get behind them anymore with all of this favoritism and mis-justice going on.

Old School Runescape Accounts

As a player of the game, it would be dishonest of me to say that I did not get curious about the truth about this. I mean, even if I am indirectly affected by this, it is still disheartening to know that this kind thing happens in the game. Why is there a favoritism in who to ban? Are all players not equal in this game? Do we actually have special treatment to those who stream or those who achieved “celebrity” status because they are streaming? What if that streamer all of a sudden just hated me and just reported to support to ban me? These things all of a sudden came to mind. I know all Runescape 2007 Accounts players also will think the same way.

I will further investigate this and share to you guys if there is truth behind it.

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