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Lately I have been posting things about players with Old School Runescape Accounts being so hostile about changes and things that Jagex does or doesn’t apply in Old School Runescape. Despite of this, should I say “epidemic of rage” towards the game developers and support, we still encourage people to be more patient and understanding to the things happening in and out of the game.

Old School Runescape Accounts: Example

I also have written about supporting Jagex and how they are trying their best to improve Old School Runescape. To give you a better example, I would like to share this thought from a poster in Reddit about how to go about being more understanding towards Jagex’s actions and decisions.

I understand that we are all angry about what Mod Reach did, which is justified, but the majority of the posts these past 12 hours have been nothing but cirlce-jerking and pitch fork brandishing.

Instead of all of the posts focusing on being negative, arguing over OSB, and Zeah/other content, we should be rallying with the OSRS team and showing them support. This is a game that I can only image that they are the only ones that love this game more than we do.

What if one of your team members, friend, and co-workers betrayed you like Mod Reach did. They had to let go one of the best content developers of a game that they live for and love. Look at how much time each and every one of them puts into this game, especially Mod Ash.

Instead of hating and ragging on Mod Reach, I want to show support for everyone else on the OSRS team and let them know that this is tragic but we as a community will always stand with them. We all need to stop being so selfish and only seeing how this affected us and our game and instead see how it affected those on the other end; those who we devote their time to make this game what it is, and what we all love. This has to be much worse for them than it is for us.

Old School Runescape Accounts

I hope more people see things like the poster of this and more people with Runescape 2007 Accounts calm themselves. There is no good in letting anger come in first. Let’s cool our heads. After all, Jagex is only keeping the game alive because we asked for it.

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