Not Satisfied with OSRS Accounts

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It has not been good lately for Jagex and Old School Runescape. That’s nothing new? I know right. So what is it now? OSRS Accounts lately cannot login or if they luckily do, they get frequent disconnects. Problems never stop coming for Jagex, huh. Let us see how people react to this.

OSRS Accounts Owners Furious

Reddit is the medium in bringing news and of course, opinions and emotions towards Jagex. I don’t know if Jagex already knows this problem because it has been happening for a while now. Here is a post of one of the players that is completely disappointed in the game and Jagex:

These server stability issues are unacceptable. No official response on why this is happening and it’s been two(?) weeks. 10$ a month/100$ yearly for a game this unstable just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’ll be playing things that don’t crash regularly, indefinitely.

Enjoy the game if you can guys. Hopefully you don’t spend your time on this game getting frustrated, because you died at godwars, jad or zulrah, or some instanced event where you cant reclaim your gear, because personally, I’ve had enough.

It would be a real shame if you chose to spend your time and money on this game only to be angry with it.


OSRS Accounts, OSRS Accounts for Sale, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Jagex

True. If you are paying $10 per month and two weeks of that month is unsatisfactory connection in-game, man, I would drop the game completely. Paying $5 to make my blood boil and my head explode? That is crazy! Jagex should pay back us players with this lingering problem with the servers. I don’t care if Old School Runescape is sharing servers with Runescape 3, which shouldn’t be by the way. Come on, if this continues, players will be posting a lot of “OSRS Accounts for Sale” and use their $10 per month for something that won’t give them headache. Come on, Jagex! Wake up!

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