Killing Black Unicorn makes more RS gold by selling Unicorn Horns

Killing the most vicious type of unicorns is easy and by selling the Unicorn horns will make more RS gold
making rs gold from black unicorn

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Sell Unicorn horns for RS gold

Black Unicorns is slightly more dangerous version of Unicorns which is aggressive to all players in the Wilderness. Their Unicorn Horns are very easy to obtain from them since they have greater numbers than the regular unicorns. So you have a lot of time to collect more Unicorn Horns and sell them for RS gold. They also have a faster spawn rate so you don’t have to worry if they become wiped out. But do note that they tend to run away when their Health Points is too low.


Unicorn horns sell quite a lot in Grand Exchange but the RS gold prices tend to go up and down. Regardless they still make a lot of RS gold and at the same time you can level up your combat skills. It is better to farm at the level 10 to 17 Wilderness which is usually safe against PK players.


Black Unicorns can be found southwest of Wilderness Volcano. There you can farm all you want until your inventory is full of Unicorn Horns. Once you’re done, go back to the city and either store them in the bank for later or sell them at the Grand Exchange for RS gold sell. You can do this repeatedly until you are satisfied with the results.


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