How to Make Money in OSRS by Getting Bagged Plants

Getting Bagged Plants

RSgold hunters will know that herbs and plants are a good way to earn cheap RS gold. If you want gold4rs but do not want to buy RS gold, we have a method for you. This method uses plants in case you are wondering. Particularly, those that come in bags.

Getting Bagged Plants

Using Money to Get More

This method of making cheap Runescape gold is pretty easy. Even better, it has no requirements for players except for having access to Falador. Other than this, you will want to buy Runescape gold to have a bit of capital for this method. You will also need quite a bit of patience as this method, while easy, is not a quick way to earn a lot of gold. Lastly, a good head when it comes to economics is an advantage. Make sure to check market prices for Bagged Plants 1 before using this method.

Earning More

Earning your gold with this method is incredibly simple. With an empty inventory, head to Falador. There are two ways to get there. The first is via the Falador Lodestone and the second is a Falador Teleport. Once there, locate the Garden Supplier NPC. Talk with her and use your gold to buy as many Bagged Plant 1 that can fit into your inventory. Head back to a bank and deposit the items. Repeat this until you are satisfied. Afterwards, you can sell the items on the RS3 Grand Exchange.

Bagged Plant 1 does not sell quickly or for a lot. Each plant sells for around 1,625 coins. They are commonly used as a summoning ingredient for Stranger Plants. Buying them from the NPC will cost you 1,000 coins. Despite the lower price, players still buy it off the Grand Exchange for convenience.

More and more!

The price of Bagged Plant 1 on the Grand Exchange largely depends on the community. The best way to get more profit therefore is to get a lot of them quicker. As such, bringing along a beast of burden is the best way to get them quicker.  This is ideal if there are short lived price increases.

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