[GUIDE]Getting More Gold from Killing Mithril Dragons

Killing Mithril Dragons

Dragons may be very hard to kill, but they drop really good loot that sell for a lot of cheap RS gold. Your RSgold hunter will need to buy RS gold before they can hunt them however. In today’s guide we will show you what you’ll need if you want to hunt Mithril Dragons for gold4rs.

Killing Mithril Dragons

More Gold

Getting cheap Runescape gold from Mithril Dragons is no easy task. You will need Magic and Defense at level 80 or higher. A Prayer skill of 95 is also required. Having Summoning at 67 and Herblore at 85 is also advised to bring along a beast of burden as well as potions to help recover damage. For equipment, get high-level magic armor and weapons. Subjugation, Ganodermic and similar gear can be used along with a Staff of Light or a Chaotic Staff. You will also need Super Antifire, Nature Runes, Fire Runes, and Prayer Flasks. As such, prepare to buy Runescape gold. Lastly, you will need to complete Barbarian Training to get access to the Ancient Cavern.

What Mithril Dragons Drop

Mithril Dragons are hunted for their guaranteed drops of Dragon Bones and three Mithril Bars. They also drop materials useful in High Level Alchemy. To combat the high damage these dragons can dish out, you will need to use the Soul Split prayer. Using a Super Antifire is also required to survive your fights. For offense, you will want to stick to Earth Spells as Mithril Dragons are weak to them. If you obtained a Chaotic Staff you can however use any spell type to ensure a hit on the dragons. It is important to position yourself such that no other dragons will attack you while you are dealing with one. Once your bags are full, head back and bank them or sell the items on the RS3 Grand Exchange.

Liquidating Everything

Dragon Bones sell for 1,873 coins while a Mithril Bar goes for 1,568 coins a piece. There is very little that can be done to adjust these prices or their drop rate. However, you can make more money from this method by bringing along beasts of burden. This allows you to farm for more loot per trip to the Ancient Caverns.

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