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You will find the pros and cons of an MMORPG if you have played it for a long time. This needs something; that is too much; those should be removed; these should be added are some of the things you would say if to criticize a game. How about for OSRS? What would a longtime player say about the game? Let’s see what a veteran of Old School Runescape would say wrong about the game he loves to play.

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This comes from thingsthatarewrong of Reddit:
I’ve been playing for 10 years now and when OSRS came out I was having a lot of fun until these things came out and ruined it for me. Comment if you agree or disagree on these, in this post I really don’t want to get into an argument because it’s pointless when people are so narrow minded. Keep in mind I see both point of views on these but this is what I think is best.

1) 6 hour afking such as nmz guthans and splashing should be taken out of the game with a 5 minute log out timer. No reason you should be able to max out while you sleep. This is a legal version of botting. This should be taken out without a poll because obviously when the majority of the community abuses it they will want to keep it in the game so they can keep abusing it.

2) A safe minigame like nmz shouldn’t give the best xp in the game. I believe you can get 100k+ melee and range xp per hour in nmz. To fix this make nmz give little to no xp.

3) Minigame teleports should be taken out as they do nothing but give free teleports around the map, even to places normally tedious to reach such as barrows. Normally to get the most runs per hour you would need to do desert treasure to get the canifis teleport then have 50 consruction and put it in your house then would have to do the quests for the shortcut to barrows. However this is completely useless as now you can teleport there free of charge. Also doing the watchtower quest for the watchtower teleport serves no purpose anymore as you can teleport closer to yanille with the nmz minigame teleport.

4) Zulrah, one of the best if not the best money makers in the game shouldn’t be a safe boss.

5) A level 72 slayer monster (skeletal wyverns) shouldn’t be one of the best money makers. Escpecially since you can max out while you sleep, so many people can access this content very easily. However if NMZ was nerfed and 6 hour afking was dealt with Wyverns would only need a slight nerf imo.

Here is something to think about when you say we need polls to nerf/get rid of these things…

“Where was it polled that you would be able to afk nightmare zone for 6 hours straight? Where was it polled that nightmare zone would give the best combat xp in the game with very minimal clicking? When was it polled we would add minigame teleports along with the clan chats? When was it polled to make Zulrah a safe boss?”


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Are you a veteran of OSRS like thingsthatarewrong? What can you say about his comments? Let us know!

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