Feel Good in OSRS Accounts

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I really like how Old School Runescape is a community driven game. Yeah, the OSRS community has bad reputation of they are all so negative and loves to complain. How about we look at the good side? OSRS Accounts holders do help each other out when someone is in need. When someone asks nicely, they answer in a good manner as well. So let us not focus on the bad side.

OSRS Accounts: Example

I came about this post because I saw someone in Reddit who asked really nice, inquiring about the membership of his two accounts. Here is the post:

My main account has the old membership rate of $7.95. If I subscribe a new OSRS account with the same credit card, will my main account have to pay the new membership rate too ($9.99/mo.)? Or will it stay at $7.95/mo.

I’m concerned that subscribing to the new rate with my newly created account, would kick my credit card off the old contract I have with my main account.

Thanks for any help.

OSRS Accounts, Old School Runescape Accounts, OSRS, Old School Runescape

No rude words. No negativity. All just plain inquiry. As our elders always say, “if you are nice to others, expect others will be nice to you as well.” They are right. People replied to him nicely and you can sense that they really just want to help the dude out.

You will think that this is rare because all we talk about is Old School Runescape Accounts owners only trashtalk people, say bad things about Runescape 3 and really hostile. No, that is not the whole thing. There are nice OSRS players as well. You will not be badmouthed if you don’t badmouth anyone. It is a community after all. If you do something undesirable, of course, the expected replies will be of the same level. That is why I love the fact that the OSRS population IS a community.

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