Exclusive Christmas Events in Runescape

Exclusive Christmas Events

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes.

Exclusive Christmas Events

The Return of Winter Weekends

Access the Christmas interface in-game by clicking either the snowman icon on the Ribbon or the Minimap bezel for full details of everything, from the multi-part Christmas holiday quest, to the return of Winter Weekends and loads of community events. There’s also an Advent Calendar which will earn you useful gift, sometimes rare and will cost heaps of rsgold, each December day, all the way up to Christmas.Additionally, the Ninjas have also snuck in a long-awaited overhaul and expansion of defenders, making them the ultimate off-hand weapons for dedicated dual-wielders.

Prizes, Rewards, and Loot

The Pinch Who Stole Christmas is a free-to-play event this December. It is a multi-part holiday quest that’ll play out over the next four weeks. Come back throughout December to get to the bottom of the mystery. Start by speaking to one of the snow imps at the Priffdinas, Burthrope, or Lumbridge lodestones. There aren’t any specific requirements in taking this quest, so hurry on and participate to receive event-exclusive items, and more than just cheap Runescape gold rewards!

The Pinch Who Stole Christmas

Across Gielinor, individuals linked to the festive season are going missing, and slippery figures waddling in the shadows are the prime suspects. Your job is to find out what’s going on. Speak to one of the snow imps at the Priffdinas, Burthrope, or Lumbridge lodestones to begin an investigation that will take a surprising turn at the coast of Daemonheim. Curious? Do the quest and you’ll find out eventually!

Note: As a holiday quest, it does not award quest points and is not a Quest Cape requirement. It will be available to play until the update on the 11th of January.

Great Gielinor Bake Off

Complete each week’s part and you’ll unlock a Christmas activity. This time it’s the Great Gielinor Bake Off, which awards Cooking and Defense XP for preparing and taste-testing all manner of festive fare.

There’s a new Christmas cosmetic reward to enjoy each week too, which you can either use for yourself or sell for a decent price of RS gold. First up, it’s a new snowboard design. If you didn’t get a snowboard last year, you’ll get one as part of the reward. Lost snowboards can be reclaimed from Diango.

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