E-Dating in Your OSRS Account

Let’s talk about something people don’t normally talk about or at least we know sometimes can be a sensitive discussion over the net. What is it? I’m talking about e-dating. Yup. I could be wrong that people aren’t comfortable when that is the topic. All the OSRS accounts owner I know, at least, more likely don’t believe in such.

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It is not strange for two people to fall in love in a game or over the internet. At least I do believe that is still a legit way to find your significant other. The usual thing is that it just happens. You don’t know it but you just fall for someone who you meet and spend time in an online game like Old School Runescape. Yeah, you don’t go blatantly search for it.

Not with this guy though in Reddit. TacoGeographySnack posted in Reddit that he is indeed looking for an opportunity to date someone online (in-game). Here is his post.

Hey guys, I’m just wondering if you guys have any tips or tricks into being a good e-dater. Also, where are some good areas/worlds to do it on? Thanks.

Edit: For all the kids thinking I’m troll, I’m not… I see kids edating all the time, I wanna know how they did it.

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Well, I am not sure if this is going to progress to anything and I hope this is legit. It would be disastrous if this ends up in a bad way. I also do hope that Old School Runescape players are aware of the dangers of dating someone you meet online. Unless, TacoGeographySnack is pertaining to dating just in-game and progressing in real life. That would be just RP-ing or roleplaying. Right?

I don’t blame people who think that this post is strange, hilarious and dangerous. It is like a trap and can be comparable you just selling your OSRS account. You know, posting “OSRS Account for sale” because you just want to quit the game to erase the bad memory of trying out e-dating. Who knows, this can be legit. Let’s hope for the best.

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