Christmas Highlights: New Defenders in Runescape

Christmas Highlights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes. Today’s article will focus on the new defenders for Runescape gold hunters as part of our Christmas highlights this year.

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Celebrating Christmas

Everyone’s favourite off-hands get a much deserved upgrade this Christmas season. In addition to this, three new tiers – all the way up to Level 90, will be added for RSgold hunters! The new defenders follow the same progression system as the existing ones, so you’ll need the dragon defender to get started.

Upgrade to the next tier by collecting a special drop; otherwise, you can purchase it off from other players, though it surely won’t come for cheap Runescape gold. Note that you’ll need to have the previous tier of defender or better equipped or in your inventory to get it. The special drop can also be used in the creation of upcoming ranged and mage defenders. However, this week sees the release of the following three new melee defenders only.

Corrupted Defender | Level 70

  • Get a corrupted sigilfrom the regular Barrows chest
  • Use it on a new or fully repaired Dharok’s greataxe, Verac’s flail, Guthan’s spear or Torag’s hammer

Ancient Defender | Level 80

  • Get an ancient emblem from Nex
  • Use it on a chaotic splint which can be purchased from the Dungeoneering Rewards Store when you buy RS gold

Drygore Defender | Level 90

  • Get a piece of perfect chitin from the Kalphite King
  • Use it on a new or fully repaired off-hand drygore mace, sword or rapier

On top of this, there have been some improvements to defenders overall:

  • Defenders allow use of abilities that otherwise require a shield
  • +3% accuracy boost

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