An Runescape Guide to the Big Chinchompa (Members Only)

Big Chinchompa

There are a number of ways to earn RS gold in Runescape. Completing tasks, regardless of how simple a task it may be, can already grant you gold4rs, as well as other rewards. Help Nyriki Tapio capture Big Chinchompa for awesome miscellaneous rewards!

Big Chinchompa

Big Chinchompa

Nyriki Tapio is constantly discovering tunnels to Big Chinchompa caves around the world. As they are volatile creatures, trying to capture it by force can be dangerous due to their explosive nature. He has a plan to catch it safely; that is, to put it to sleep by feeding it their favourite food, soporith moths. Soporith moths are pretty abundant in their caves so you shouldn’t have any problem obtaining them. Nyriki will need your help in catching these moths and feed them to the critter to put them sleep. Those who participate will be rewarded with some points to spend at Nyriki’s reward shop. Other than possible cheap Runescape gold coins as rewards, you’ll also gain access to the private hunting grounds, as well as some Hunter experience for your RSgold hunter.

You may only participate in this Distraction and Diversion twice a day. No requirements are needed to start, but a higher Hunter level and better gear when you buy RS gold will definitely give you an advantage.

Locating Big Chinchompa

Nyriki can appear at any Hunter spot found around the world, but the best and most effective way to reach him is to use the portal at the headquarters which teleports you directly there, and also gives you a timer as to when he will appear in minutes. The headquarters can be found in the southeastern part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You will need to go up the stairs to find it. Once you are in there, you will see six portals in the middle. Five of them lead to the private hunting grounds, but the orange one will teleport you to Nyriki’s location.

Reaping the Rewards

Once inside the tunnel, the main goal of this activity is to get the Big Chinchompa in the center as sleepy as you can. Do this by feeding it moths, which are scattered all around the cave. There are 8 different colored soporith moths to catch all in all, all of which have specific Hunter requirements. The more that you are able to catch, the more points you are likely to get.

Ideally, you should have a Protea flower from the Protea plants located in any of the four corners as soon as you go in, and wield it. With it, you will occasionally catch a moth automatically without doing anything else. The strategy here is very basic; travel round the cave in a circle looking out for wandering moths out in the open, and searching the plants around the cave at the same time. When your jar becomes full, empty it into the middle and repeat the process.

That’s it! 

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