A Great Message For Old School Runescape Accounts

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The feud between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 is still intense. Ever since day one, the fight on which is the better game or at least which has a better aspect compared to the other, is still pretty fierce. Like really, looking at its state from the very start to now, it looks like it will not die. Not any time soon, at least. I think this exchange is completely unnecessary. Let the people decide on which game to play. Having Old School Runescape Accounts doesn’t mean you are better compared to those who have Runescape 3 Accounts and vice versa. The people who actually love both versions of the game get affected by being caught in the middle to the point they have to choose a side which they DO NOT HAVE TO.

Look at This Old School Runescape Accounts Players

Well, not all people do some bashing to the opposite game. Some just are caught in the middle of the crossfire and can’t do anything about it. Well, some do something about it. What did they do in a “crisis” like this? They spread love and peace. Who could’ve thought that you can do this as an Old School Runescape player or Runescape 3 player?

Here’s what I’m talking about. Dprannav posted in OSRS subreddit this:

Hey guys, I’m a RS3 player and I respect you guys:), Have a good day and wanted you all to know that.

A very simple message of good vibes. No reason, just clean greetings and a message of peace. Actually, this is unnecessary. If they didn’t start the feud in the first place, this lovely post wouldn’t be considered so special.

Good thing the responses are good.

OSRS, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Accounts, RS 2007 Accounts

This is one reason I still do have hope for the animosity between the two games will die permanently. The time I won’t be thinking all RS 2007 Accounts owners are idiots. Wishful thinking but still hoping.

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