Zeah Update Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters

To celebrate runescape’s 15th anniversary, the game’s developer released an update that houses mainly the zeah content.

Zeah is a new content that features Shayizen house, Piscarilius house, Lovakenj house, Arceuus house, and Hosidius house.

Runescape’s new update is like visiting someone house. The update is all about new houses that has different stuff on it.

In this article, we are going to have a tour on different houses of the zeah update, primarily focusing on Shayzien house and Arceuus House.


Zeah Update Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters: Shayzien House

Shayzien house is practically the most important update for runescape. Unlike other houses, shayzien house is player versus environment.

In shayzien house, lizard men are primarily the monster inside. It drops amulet. Additionally, in shazien house, it is where players could acquire shazien armor that requires 20 armor to equip.

When inside the house of shayzien, be sure to have antidotes ready as lizard men do inflict poison as part of their skill set.

Players are requires to heal the wounded in the infirmary as one of the requirements in order to go inside shayzien house.

Take note that a player needs 5% favors in order to get into the lizard men.

Zeah Update Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters: Arceuus House

Arceuus house is one of the biggest update of runescape. It features new blood & soul runecrafting and dense essence.

Necromancy spell book is one of the most interesting parts of arceuus house. Upon killing a monster, a player can resurrect the monster against and kill it. It is kind of harsh spell book.

In summary, arceuus house is all about crafting magic and resurrecting the dead.

Zeah Update Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters: Others

Almost all of the houses in runescape are all about crafting stuff and different quests, which makes runescape content wise rich.


Overall, the zeah lacks new mobs, and everything else is fine. The developers are skeptical about this


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Why is Runescape Addictive? For Runescape gold Hunters

People who have not yet played runescape say that it is overrated. In terms of graphics, gameplay, plot and player versus player mechanics runescape is inferior to MMO nowadays. Still, there are still people who play runescape, while there are games way better than runescape? Why is that? It is a total mystery for people who have not played runescape yet.

In this article, we are going to talk about what makes runescape special.


Game Evaluation for Runescape gold Hunters: Vast World

Runescape is known for its vast world, and unique yet weird quests. However, uniqueness is one of the best things that runescape offers for its users. Unlike, typical MMORPG, runescape does not have linear quest board where players are asked to perform a repetitive boring quest. In runescape, players have its option to choose its quests and enticing adventures to take.

In other words, runescape focused on increasing the quality of gameplay instead of optimizing graphics.

Runescape has a vast content. Compared to MMORPG nowadays relies on increasing the game’s difficulty instead of adding new contents. For the developers of runescape, the way to newly entice players is to add new content, not suddenly nerfing or changing how a certain mechanic works.

Game Evaluation for Runescape gold Hunters: Consistent Updates

Due to their mindset that when players are bored, they think of something that will bring the player’s interest. They rarely changed something in the game, except the interface and environment design, which falls in the category of improvement instead of change.

Runescape does not have much of high quality graphics. It is why they could release a new content, and new monsters with unique sprites.

Game Evaluation for Runescape gold Hunters: Community

In order to fully enjoy runescape, a player must subscribe for a dime, and become a member for a month, allowing the character to access different kinds of places and gain more runescape gold from various kind of worlds. Wherein, players who did not pay, do not have an access to some parts of the game, which most toxic players are free users, and good players are those who pay to play.

The community is open to players who buy rs gold from other players. Some players even offer cheap rs gold.


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Easy Runescape Gold from Hunting Muspahs for Advanced Players

Like most MMORPGs, killing mobs can get you a lot of money. Today’s guide will show you how your Runescape gold hunter earn profit out of these monsters! As with most farming and grinding gold4rs guides, this method will require that you invest RS gold as these mobs are not pushovers that you can easily kill with a couple of clicks. Find out more below!

runescape gold muspah hunting

Investing Runescape Gold as Capital

Muspahs are one of the post-quest grandmaster monsters players can hunt for cheap Runescape gold. As such, they are pretty hard to kill. It is recommended to have 80 Magic, 92 Prayer, 96 Herblore and 81 Summoning skill to deal with them. The Magic is for access to Ancient Magicks, and the Prayer for protections. Herblore is used to make Overload Flasks, Prayer Renewal Flasks and Super Restore Flasks. Summoning is used for Pak Yaks to carry loot. Alternatively, get Magic Notepaper to keep them. For equipment, get gear that is at least Tier 80 so make sure you buy Runescape gold.  Note that Muspahs are unlocked only if you have completed the Fate of the Gods quest. They can be found Freneskae.

Muspah Hunting for Runescape Gold Hunters

Muspahs are hunted for their drops. In particular, Muspah Spines and Elder Charms. These two are used in the creation of Nightmare Muspah Pouches. They will also drop rune equipment and Dragon Maces that can be kept and later sold on the RS3 Grand Exchange for a good amount of coins.

Hunting these nightmarish creatures require journeying to Freneskae. You will need to use a Sixth-Age circuit to get to the world gate for Freneskae faster.

Maximizing Runescape Gold Profit

There are a multitude of ways to get more gold from hunting Muspahs. The most obvious of which is to kill them faster. Having boosts like Torment and Sunshine active will allow you to kill these mobs in three to five hits. Muspahs don’t hit for a lot of damage if you are properly geared, so you will not need to worry about downtime to restore your character’s health. Finally, these mobs are instanced. As such, you will not have to worry about competing with other players for kills and loot.

Christmas Quest Recap: Beneath Cursed Tides for RS Gold Hunters P1

Last 14th of December, a quest called Beneath Cursed Tides was released for gold4rs hunters based on the mysterious vanishing of Tutorial Island during the update that expanded the Wizards’ Tower in Runescape. During this quest, RS gold hunters, along with the Wizard Myrtle and Vannaka, search for survivors and dive into the sea south of the Wizards’ Tower to investigate the sunken island.

rs gold beneath cursed tides quest p1

Recruiting Vannaka for RS Gold Hunters

To prompt this quest, speak to Wizard Myrtle at the fountains by the entrance of the Wizards’ Tower. Myrtle wants to know what happened to her mentor, Terrova, the magic instructor on Tutorial Island. However, as she has a fear of water, she sends you to find the island in her place. Before doing so, you’ll need the help of Vannaka. Go to Edgeville Dungeon and ask him about Tutorial Island. Once done, return to Myrtle, and from here on you will have to venture to Mudskipper Point via fairy ring – or by running south of the Port Sarim lodestone.

Exploring the Sunken Island for RS Gold Hunters

Before taking the plunge, make sure you are decently geared when you buy Runescape gold, and have a few necessary items in stock. You also need to have your own diving apparatus from your aquarium or you can get it with rsgold. You can also opt for a fishbowl helmet if you have that; it can also be bought with cheap RS gold. Alternatively, you can have Myrtle cast a spell on you. Your choice.

Read the message in a bottle near the door of the first room. You will have to go through Tutorial Island now as though you were a starting player (nostalgic much?) years ago to break the dark magician’s curse. There are multiple rooms involving multiple skills.

Catching Shrimps for RS Gold Hunters

Speak with Brynna about survival skills. You’ll have to catch raw shrimps swimming around, then boil it at the steam vent to create boiled shrimp. Then talk to Brynna again to bask in her amazement because you didn’t burn the shrimp – but for some reason she demands that you bring her some burnt ones instead. Now, the vent isn’t actually hot enough to burn it, so block the hole east of the vent to create more heat. Next up, catch another shrimp, cut some seaweed, and then attempt to cut a dead tree down until you snag one of the soggy branches. This will help you push the boulder into the hole. Burn the shrimp on the vent and hand it to Brynna.

Just Culinary Things for RS Gold Hunters

The next thing to do is to talk to master chef Lev. He talks to you about a bunch of stuff, so read through the dialogue until it’s done. Obtain Lev’s music box from him to gather seaweed, then go south of the house. Play the music box in front of the large jellyfish. Pick option 2, then 3, then 1. Gather the tasty seaweed, then speak to the master chef again. Place it on the table and pick the correct ingredients depending on the chef’s instructions. Once you’re done, proceed on the path to the next house and go down the ladder for the next part of the quest.

Earning Runescape Gold with the Help of Divination Skill

Yes, you read that right! You can earn Runescape gold out of the Divination skill. Almost everything in Runescape can be of use (in one way or another) if you want to amass gold4rs, after all! Let’s find out more about the Divination skill and how it could help you in the article below.

runescape gold divination

Benefits of Divination Skill for Runescape Gold

Divination introduces RS gold enthusiasts to a new production skill. From this production skill, you can actually make money on the side by selling the resources you make. Here are the products from the Divination skill:

  • Boons are permanent passive item buffs that will give you more 10% XP when you are converting memories and energy of certain tiers. Although this cannot be sold for at least cheap RS gold, this can be used to boost your training skill.
  • Portents are automatic-used inventory items which will help you when you are in trouble. It will be used automatically under certain conditions as it will heal you when a player’s health drops under 50% health, or prevent a one hit skill from a monster. This can be a good source of cheap Runescape gold since it is useful for questing or dungeoneering.
  • Signs are pocket-slot items which are automatically activated in a certain conditions as long as it is equipped in the pocket slot. They are made with divine energy. Signs can also be a source of RSgold by selling it to those who may be looking for them.

Divine Location for More Runescape Gold

Divine Location are skilling hotspots which it can be placed anywhere at the cost of energy and also serve as a secondary ingredient. Though it can only be used once a day and can last for 30 seconds, this will help you gather more resources anywhere, hence help maximize your profit by saving time, in case you don’t have the capacity to buy Runescape gold yet.

Understanding Transmutation for More Runescape Gold

Transmutation is a type of method that requires divine energy to convert resources into higher level resources. This could be used if you have extra low level resources and transmute it to high level and sell it afterwards for some Runescape gold!

Making Runescape Gold with Magic Pyre Logs for Newbie RS Gold Hunters

Today’s guide will be for Runescape gold hunters who want to earn RS gold fast and easy. Did you know that you can actually make Runescape gold with Magic Pyre Logs? These logs are used for the Shades of Mort’ton minigame and other activities, which means you can sell them for the right price. Read more below to find out how to make gold out of these wooden resources.

runescape gold pyre logs

Investing Runescape Gold

Like with all methods for earning RSgold, you have to invest a bit of time, effort, and of course, gold4rs as well, in order to earn more. You gain some; you lose some. For this method to work efficiently, you will need to invest in getting your Firemaking skill up to Level 80. You will also need to complete the Shades of Mort’ton quest. Obviously, you will Magic Logs that will be turned into Magic Pyre Logs. Each Magic Log sells for around 908 coins. Additionally, you will need Sacred Oil 4-dose for each Magic Log. This specific dosage of Sacred Oil goes for 6,022 RS gold coins on the Grand Exchange. Note however that creating the logs do not require any special location. This means you can craft them right in the Grand Exchange to quickly sell them for more than just cheap Runescape gold.

Generating Runescape Gold with Magic Pyre Logs

runescape gold pyres 2

Creating Magic Pyre Logs is simple. Just use your Sacred Oil four dose on a Magic Log. They will then be turned into Magic Pyre Logs. Aside from being able to sell the Magic Pyre Logs for a generous amount of 7,525 RS gold coins, your character will also earn 16 Firemaking experience! It’s a win win!

Points to Remember for Runescape Gold Hunters

While Magic Pyre Logs are quite profitable and easy to make, there is a cap on how many you can create per hour. Note however that the cap is not set on crafting, but on acquiring Sacred Oil. The Grand Exchange only allows 1,000 bottles of the oil to be bought every four hours. If you want to increase your RS gold production however, you can get 3-dose Sacred Oil instead. This can be decanted via Bob Barter to become 4-dose. The latter can then be used to make Magic Pyre Logs. Alternatively, you can get your own Sacred Oil by going through the Shades of Mort’ton minigame, or through trade when you buy Runescape gold.

Christmas Highlights: New Defenders for Runescape Gold Hunters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes. Today’s article will focus on the new defenders for Runescape gold hunters as part of our Christmas highlights this year.

runescape gold xmas

Celebrating Christmas with Runescape Gold Hunters

Everyone’s favourite off-hands get a much deserved upgrade this Christmas season. In addition to this, three new tiers – all the way up to Level 90, will be added for RSgold hunters! The new defenders follow the same progression system as the existing ones, so you’ll need the dragon defender to get started.

Upgrade to the next tier by collecting a special drop; otherwise, you can purchase it off from other players, though it surely won’t come for cheap Runescape gold. Note that you’ll need to have the previous tier of defender or better equipped or in your inventory to get it. The special drop can also be used in the creation of upcoming ranged and mage defenders. However, this week sees the release of the following three new melee defenders only.

Corrupted Defender | Level 70

  • Get a corrupted sigilfrom the regular Barrows chest
  • Use it on a new or fully repaired Dharok’s greataxe, Verac’s flail, Guthan’s spear or Torag’s hammer

Ancient Defender | Level 80

  • Get an ancient emblem from Nex
  • Use it on a chaotic splint which can be purchased from the Dungeoneering Rewards Store when you buy RS gold

Drygore Defender | Level 90

  • Get a piece of perfect chitin from the Kalphite King
  • Use it on a new or fully repaired off-hand drygore mace, sword or rapier

On top of this, there have been some improvements to defenders overall:

  • Defenders allow use of abilities that otherwise require a shield
  • +3% accuracy boost

Exclusive Christmas Events for Runescape Gold Hunters!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes.

runescape gold christmas p1

The Return of Winter Weekends for Runescape Gold Hunters

Access the Christmas interface in-game by clicking either the snowman icon on the Ribbon or the Minimap bezel for full details of everything, from the multi-part Christmas holiday quest, to the return of Winter Weekends and loads of community events. There’s also an Advent Calendar which will earn you useful gift, sometimes rare and will cost heaps of rsgold, each December day, all the way up to Christmas.Additionally, the Ninjas have also snuck in a long-awaited overhaul and expansion of defenders, making them the ultimate off-hand weapons for dedicated dual-wielders.

Prizes, Rewards, and Loot for Runescape Gold Hunters

The Pinch Who Stole Christmas is a free-to-play event this December. It is a multi-part holiday quest that’ll play out over the next four weeks. Come back throughout December to get to the bottom of the mystery. Start by speaking to one of the snow imps at the Priffdinas, Burthrope, or Lumbridge lodestones. There aren’t any specific requirements in taking this quest, so hurry on and participate to receive event-exclusive items, and more than just cheap Runescape gold rewards!

The Pinch Who Stole Christmas for Runescape Gold Hunters

Across Gielinor, individuals linked to the festive season are going missing, and slippery figures waddling in the shadows are the prime suspects. Your job is to find out what’s going on. Speak to one of the snow imps at the Priffdinas, Burthrope, or Lumbridge lodestones to begin an investigation that will take a surprising turn at the coast of Daemonheim. Curious? Do the quest and you’ll find out eventually!

Note: As a holiday quest, it does not award quest points and is not a Quest Cape requirement. It will be available to play until the update on the 11th of January.

Great Gielinor Bake Off for Runescape Gold Hunters

Complete each week’s part and you’ll unlock a Christmas activity. This time it’s the Great Gielinor Bake Off, which awards Cooking and Defense XP for preparing and taste-testing all manner of festive fare.

There’s a new Christmas cosmetic reward to enjoy each week too, which you can either use for yourself or sell for a decent price of RS gold. First up, it’s a new snowboard design. If you didn’t get a snowboard last year, you’ll get one as part of the reward. Lost snowboards can be reclaimed from Diango.

Raptor’s Challenge: Camel Warriors for Runescape Gold Hunters

Every week throughout the month of November, a new high-level monster will be released in Runescape for Runescape gold hunters who chase after the thrill of battle. Each monster comes with a truly epic loot to claim, all for the bravest of slayers that triumph over the challenges they will face whilst they battle against these beasts. Find out more in the article below!

runescape gold camel warriors lol

Become a Slayer Master for More Runescape Gold

In his ongoing quest to take down Gielinor’s biggest game, the Raptor has set himself up south of Port Sarim as a slayer master for November. Slayers of all levels can take a daily, level-appropriate assignment which grants double Slayer XP. Impress him over the course of the month for a Raptor-themed cosmetic armour set, which you can either use for yourself or sell to other players for a valuable amount of Runescape gold. Take note of these qualifications before heading off, though:

  • You must be a Runescape member
  • 96 Slayer is required to harm the camel warriors
  • 100 Combat is required to be assigned ripper demons by a slayer master
  • Very high combat stats and your best gear bought with rsgold are strongly recommended

Camel Warriors for Runescape Gold Hunters

Camel warriors? Really? The name itself is bloody ridiculous!

Sure enough, we’ve had our fair share of pretty strange stuff in Runescape. Gielinor’s home to beasts of all forms and sizes, and we can say that the camel warriors are among the strangest. Don’t take their appearance lightly as they actually happen to be the deadliest! They’re the latest creatures to feature in Raptor’s Challenge too, so be sure to check in daily with the Raptor.

Get to the island east of Sophanem through the Agility shortcut after you’re done with your necessary preparations when you buy Runescape gold. Note that with this event, you can get a Level 85 camel staff. This staff inflicts extra damage over time and reduces your target’s damage dealing capabilities. Believe us; you’ll need all the help you can get, and no amount of gold4rs can buy you a staff that’s any better than this at this level.

Dealing with Camel Warriors for Runescape Gold Hunters

Camel warriors are noble nomads who are masters of melee and ancient magic, so you’d be a fool to underestimate them for their cheesy name. They specialise in a unique form of sorcery; they rely on mirages made of smoke, blood and shadow. Each type has a different ability, buffing or healing others, or stealing your Prayer points. Deal with them quickly, and try not to anger too many, because you’ll instantly wish you didn’t once they start overwhelming you. As with the encounters before, make sure to watch out for the next part of the key to the Raptor’s chest while you’re on assignment for camel warriors to unlock awesome rewards.

The best part about this is that you can pick up the Level 85 camel staff afterwards, a mighty magical implement that reduces your target’s accuracy by 5%, and applies a damage over time effect. Surely, this would be worth all the trouble! If not, you can always sell it for more than just cheap RS gold.

Raptor-Themed Cosmetic Armour Set for Runescape Gold Hunters

Finally, if you’ve been diligently fulfilling the Raptor’s assignments through the month, you’ll be able to hit the 15 required to unlock the Raptor-themed cosmetic armour set. It looks pretty awesome to start with, plus it gets more imposing as you maintain kill streaks of the high-level mobs released this month.

The improved appearance unlocks when you kill 30 wyverns, ripper demons, camel warriors or Acheron mammoths (any combination). This kill count degrades over time and the improved version of the armour override reverts to the basic one if it drops below 30 – although it can always be unlocked again. Kills are counted up to 100, so you can make it last a good while if you kill enough of these beasts.

Just make sure you’re always properly geared and fully stocked with meals when you buy RS gold before you go off gunning for this armour set! Happy slaying!

[Guide] Country Side Activities for Generating More RS Gold

Let’s admit it: earning a generous amount of RSgold for your gold4rs hunter will often require a lot of high level skills or special items. But there are other ways to go about this if it’s just cheap Runescape gold you want. Today, we will show you two ways to get cheap RS gold easily without having to buy RS gold. Get ready to chase chickens and pick potatoes—the country side is calling!

rs gold potato farming

The Chicken Method for RS Gold Hunters

Chickens are an easy source of cheap Runescape gold. You don’t need to buy Runescape gold as you won’t need to level up skills. In fact, you don’t even have to be a member to make money from chickens. All you need to do is head Lumbridge and go the farm on the northeast of the area. Here you’ll find chickens, lots of them. With an empty inventory, start killing the chickens. They will drop Raw Chicken which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for around 261 RS gold coins each. Bones can also be looted. These can be sold for 206 coins or buried for some experience points. Lastly, the chickens drop several feathers that can be sold for 15 RS gold coins a pop.

Potato Hunters for More RS Gold!

The humble potato may seem trivial, but considering how easy it is to get at low levels, with no other requirements makes it a really good way to earn gold. There are numerous farms where you can get Raw Potatoes, but the best place for new players is in Lumbridge. Just head north of the cow pen in the area and you will come upon a large potato field. Simple harvest the potatoes and you can sell them on the Grand Exchange for 154 RS gold coins each.

Get ‘Dem Raw Potatoes for More RS Gold!

While simple, the two methods above will yield consistent profit. If you want to make the most of them, there are a few things that can be done. For example, when hunting chickens, make sure you have a weapon that has a high attack speed. Get yourself a scimitar and you can cut down the birds before others get to them. To increase profit from potatoes, you’ll need to haul more of them at a time. This can be done by using Sacks. These will store up to ten Raw Potatoes.