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[Guide] Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers

The newly released boss in runescape has been a target for many Runescape gold farmers. Zulrah is a solo-only boss, meaning it cannot be ganged. Parties cannot enter and kill Zulrah. Only a single player could have the opportunity to fight zulrah. Zulrah is a boss monster vulnerable to ranged attacks, though melee attacks are nullified against zulrah. There are three kinds of zulrah, the classic zulrah, armored zulrah and crystal zulrah. Obviously, the strongest and the toughest of all is the crystal zulrah. Anyway, rere are some guidelines on how to slay zulrah Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers:…

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From Mud to Runescape Gold – Crafting Mud Runes for Profit

Many RS gold hunters will buy RS gold just to get Mud Runes. These are used in various spells and even grounded. As such, an easy way to get cheap RS gold is craft them. This guide will show you how as well as point out how to make the process more efficient. Items Runescape gold hunters need to make RS gold Crafting Mud Runes can be done as early as Runecrafting level 13, but for this guide, rsgold hunters are recommended to be at level 75. Magic should be at least 82 while Firemaking should at least be 40….

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OSRS Gold: Bad News Again

After the new raid patch, things have been looking good for Old School Runescape. At last, there’s new content and OSRS players can spend their time to something new in the game. It is about time the game gets new content since most players I know in the game are just spending their time to farm OSRS Gold. I imagine them logging into the game and just get into the mindless farming because that’s the only thing they do. I am not saying that farming OSRS gold is the only thing to do inside the game but since most people…

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Might Forget Their OSRS Account

One problem about having an OSRS account these days is that there is nothing new to do in the game. Old School Runescape being old is one thing, but no new content is another. Loyal players might still be enjoying the game but they will eventually realize that they are just doing the same stuff over and over again with the lack of new content. It is normal to lose players in OSRS but when those loyal players do, there is no time for Jagex to adjust. OSRS Account: Voiced Out I can say that throwaway906587678, the author of this…

OSRS Accounts: Helping Them

Since Old School Runescape is a fairly old game, it is likely that players encounter errors in the game. Actually, even problems occur before entering the game. Jagex might help solve these problems but not all OSRS Accounts will be accommodated with the littlest support team Jagex has. With this, I would like to help out and share some of the OSRS players’ problems and hoping for the best that people know the solution for those issues. OSRS Accounts: Problem Here is a post by Bojangles412 in the OSRS Subreddit about his problem: I am returning to OSRS after about…