OSRS Accounts For Sale: PSA

So are you a paying player in Old School Runescape? Here is some public service announcement that you may want to know (if you don’t know):

OSRS Accounts For Sale: Things You Should Know

This is from a post in Reddit:

  • Most of the Jagex staff finish work on Friday evenings whereupon a mass of disposable bot accounts are created.
  • Optionally, enough coins to purchase a membership bond is given to the disposable bot accounts in order to access member’s features.
  • These bots then automate money-making skills like hunter relatively unimpeded for around the next 48+ hours.
  • By Sunday (like today) they are already swarming the high income methods like hunting black and red chinchompas.
  • By late Sunday night or early Monday morning, they have gained more than enough wealth to cover the cost of the bond, and the remainder of that wealth is transferred to another account.
  • On Monday morning, the core Jagex staff return to work and begin banning all of these bots whom by now will have hundreds of reports against them by legitimate players. (This is, of course, completely redundant at this point because all of the wealth gained is no longer on the account, and the account was created to be disposable anyway.)
  • Gold-sellers and players who do not care about the integrity of the game they play will then go on to enjoy the fruits of this illegitimate wealth without consequence.


Runescape 2007 Accounts

Runescape 2007 Accounts: More FYI

Basically, this is a “the mouse plays when the cat’s away” thing. Weekend is the gold-bot time in Old School Runescape. It is completely destroying the fun of the game and what the game is all about. In addition, competing against bots is hella frustrating.

We are not saying that Jagex is not doing anything. Actually they are doing everything they can to avoid the multiplication of gold-bots. Jagex also said that they have staffs during the weekends so don’t fume at them once you have read this. This is only an idea on how things work and why these gold-bots exist because I am assuming not all paying players of Old School Runescape have knowledge about this.

RS 07 Gold: Complaints Everywhere in OSRS

Really. Every update in Old School Runescape is always not enough for the players of the game. Literally anything about Old School Runescape, people will always have something to complain about it. For example, they complain about OSRS going to the pay to win route. Hey, as if this is Jagex’s fault that this is happening. As much as I want to deny that fact that OSRS is easier if you pay real money but it is not Jagex’s fault. So as long as there are gold farmers, OSRS will be always be more of pay to win. As if Jagex didn’t do anything about this. They actually did something about these gold farmers and how they conduct operations but players still aim the blame game on Jagex.

RS 07 Gold: Old School, Correct

No wonder these players still love Old School Runescape. They cannot accept and appreciate change. Even in their own game, little updates to actually improve the game, more rants come to the point they are causing severe headaches when I read them. Hell, they don’t even complain about something for too long. One moment they are complaining about this. The next thing you know, they are complaining about that. Seriously, if you are going to complain about something, hold your ground to it until it is resolved then move to another. And it is not like Jagex is ignoring all of your complaints.


Buy RS 07 Gold

Buy RS 07 Gold: Jagex Listens

Yes, Jagex do something about your complaints and you OSRS players are just incapable of appreciating them. Jagex even dealt about gold farmers and provided an alternative to beat these reason of the game becoming pay to win. But hey, you guys still complain about it and suggesting that it would be better if Jagex didn’t do anything about it. What’s wrong with you guys?!

I admit, I too sent some complaints to Jagex or at least posted some of it. Once it was resolved, I was just all quiet and satisfied. Deal with it. You people should be happy that OSRS still exists today because they know you love the game. So, suck it up. Play the game and move along. It is much better if you all quit the game rather than staying in the community and spreading your toxicity and cry baby attitude. Grow up people.

Not Logging Out in OSRS Accounts

We very well know that games are very addictive. Once we are addicted to a certain game, everything around us seize to exist. Yeah, at least for me it does. Like mom shouting from downstairs is just noise that will most likely be ignored because I’m too busy with this game. Rather, I don’t exist in the real world anymore because I already got sucked into the game already. I already live inside the game and would like to stay there until I can. Am I too much of gaming freak already? Well, I am pretty sure you can relate to this one way or another, if ever you got addicted to a game.

Loyal OSRS Accounts Owners

For a while now, I have this perception on OSRS players that they are very loyal to the game. Sometimes though borderline fanatics of Old School Runescape. But I am very open-minded to the topic so I will just regard them as solid fans and players. On the topic of them sticking to the game over the years, I just assumed that they do not play any other game aside from Old School Runescape. I mean, if ever since the 2000’s they played the game and are still playing now, you can have that assumption that there will be no other games installed in their computer aside from OSRS.


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Buy OSRS Accounts: Assumption is (Somewhat) Correct

So I was searching the World Wide Web to prove or disprove my assumption, true enough there was this thread talking about if OSRS players played another game and how it felt like. It made me laugh how these people posted their reactions to the topic. Some confirmed that they haven’t played any other game aside from Old School Runescape and asking people how is the (real) world outside of the game. Some said that with great effort, they managed to liberate from the strong grasp of the MMORPG. They even said that was the whole point of the name of the game, to “Run” and “escape” from it. LOL. These free people even shared what game they are playing now and how it felt like to be away from OSRS. They still miss the game though, which is a bittersweet comment.

Are you also still playing OSRS and having a hard time on letting go of the game? Share you experience with us!

OSRS Gold: Love From OSRS to WoW

Old School Runescape, the old version of the MMORPG that players, old and new, still love today. This game seems like is immune to age. The game never gets old for players. In fairness, the game is really fun. If the source of enjoyment is from the good old days, then let us just let it be. We don’t have to ruin the fun for them. Anyways, Old School Runescape is still the home for many players even up to now, 2016. Old school gaming still lives on!

OSRS Gold: Share the Love

So apparently, there is a vanilla private server of World of Warcraft recently shut down by Blizzard’s lawyers. Yes, there are at least 150,000 people playing in that server where the game is of that old vanilla type. How World of Warcraft was, how difficult it was, how stats were back then, it is all there. The server name is Nostalrius and players who love the MMORPG how it was, play in this legacy server.


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Buy OSRS Gold: Source

I found this one from a post in Reddit petitioning on bringing the server back up as they really want to play there. Here’s the original post from Reddit:

You can sign the petition HERE

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to anyone making their way over from Nostalrius. Let’s make them feel at home.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what this is about. Nostalrius was a vanilla World of Warcraft (2005/6) private server that was recently shut down by Blizzards lawyers. The servers were run by a small team for no profit and at the time of its closure Nostalrius had over 150,000 active players.

People from Nostalrius and thousands of other gamers around the world are upset about this and would like to see legacy servers brought online. The demand is definitly there, we just need to show Blizzard how serious we are. I’m calling on your support for them now the same way they helped spread awareness of Old School Runescape. Here is Athene supporting the Old School petition

Remember that Old School Runescape started exactly the same way so there is still hope for Legacy WoW!

Stay strong brothers

It’s good to see that Old School Runescape players know how it feels to love a game that was left behind by time and technology. All the more they are helping other MMORPG players like this in WoW on bringing back that vanilla server up. Some old school loving right there! Hope they succeed in this!

OSRS Accounts for Sale: Don’t Call Lost Accounts Hacked, Please!

Login information gets lost pretty easily in our memories. Or just giving out your information to random websites thus them getting phished out? Oh you do not? I will believe you more if you just admit that you at least once forgot your username and password and had to go to your email and the game’s website to reset your password. Good. Now we are settled in agreement that it happened to you at least once, there is another epidemic that is happening among players who lose their login information. This is the “I got hacked” disease. Yes, I have heard so many people and read so much complaints about players forgetting their login information and answers to their secret questions or just giving away their info on these phishing website because they are too dumb to realize that they are actually phishing websites then saying that their accounts got hacked. They just won’t admit that they just forgot about these information. Why do these people do such? I really don’t know as well.

Hacked in Fear of Their Accounts are Under “OSRS Accounts for Sale”

So yeah, I am not the only who hates this kind of stupidity. Someone actually posted this in a forum I completely agree on:

Giving away your information to a phishing site because you can’t check a URL and you’re too dumb to use authenticator on your email and your RuneScape account doesn’t count as being hacked. Typing your password into chat backward because you’re gullible doesn’t count as being hacked. Giving your password to an untrustworthy friend who stabs you in the back is not being hacked.

If no actual hacking was involved, please tell it like it is. Title your post “I was an idiot and lost access to my account. Please help me get it back.”


Runescape 2007 Accounts

So yeah, if you cannot retrieve your account because you cannot remember it or you just gave it away for free in those phishing websites, don’t make a comeback that it was hacked because of your stupidity. Just admit it that you lost it and maybe just ask for help on trying to retrieve your login info. It is not bad to admit one’s fault so please do. Git gud everyone!

RS 07 Gold: Nostalgia is not Enough

The exchange of words between Runescape 3 players and OSRS players is endless. Ever since the birth of  Runescape 3, this “Word War” has been non-stop. “OSRS is better because of this.” “Runescape 3 is better because of that.” Yeah this exchange will not stop anytime soon. Maybe I have to agree with one side sooner or later. This time, I had time to think that if I were to play an old game AGAIN like OSRS, which a game I already gave up on, what reason would it be? Nostalgia will the first thing in mind. Let us remove the nostalgia effect of the old school days, what else could there be that will make me play OSRS again? No more?

Mind you I haven’t played Runescape 3 so I searched for reasons why people play the newer version.

RS 07 Gold: Looking for Reasons

Yeah I was browsing and Googling reasons why people play Runescape 3 and maybe there were attached reasons as well on why prefer Runescape 3 over OSRS. Again, I don’t prefer any of the two but reading upon these reasons, hopefully maybe I can pick one.

I stumbled upon Reddit and saw a thread close to my topic. This was the original post:

By veterans, I mean people who have played before or during 2007.

As someone who’s played since 2004, I find it hard to play RuneScape 3 and enjoy RuneScape 2007 much much more as it’s a redone portion of my childhood. A lot of people wanted the nostalgia kick– and so did I, however I like the new content brought forth in the game.

So, I ask, why RuneScape 3?

Just like what I was thinking, he did like the nostalgia and nothing else about OSRS. Comparing to Runescape 3’s new content, nostalgia has nothing to show for that.


Buy RS 07 Gold

One good and somewhat complete reply and I think this made a lot of sense:

In order of importance:

  1. Levels aren’t transferred. Really not looking forward to burning another few hundred days leveling. I’d even be happy being given the stats I had in 2007, but restarting from scratch is too much.
  2. Screen size. Switching resolution back and forth is a hassle, and the window is too small on current monitors.
  3. Graphics / technical. I can’t get any of my friends to join the old version, it’s just too dated for them to consider; especially given that it’s the same price as the live game.
  4. The community is much smaller than it was (on the order of 10x smaller based on simultaneous players). It’s not getting any new players, and the existing players are overly focused on staking / scamming / luring. There are lots of players that do this in RS3, too – but there are enough “regular” players to offset these toxic activities.
  5. I can’t play both RS3 and RS2 at the same time unless I pay for more than one account.

As I read through the thread, people trying to give out a good comment about OSRS have nothing else to say unlike for Runescape 3 that has new content and a whole bunch more. Maybe I’ll be playing Runescape 3 more because of the said reasons.


OSRS Gold: Switch From RS3 to RS07

It is not necessarily that a newer version of the game is better. Take Runescape for example. Runescape 3 does not receive the love as anticipated compared to the loyal players of the Old School version. Moreover, the number of players of Runescape 3 that are switching to play Old School Runescape are growing. The newer version of the game doesn’t surpass the older version and it should be otherwise.

OSRS Gold: A Perfect Example

Someone in Reddit posted that he got tired of playing RS3 for whatever reason. He didn’t mention, maybe to be fair to Runescape 3. Anyways, he switched to Old School Runescape (RS07) and was asking about the mechanics of the game. This goes to show that both games are different from each other since the mode of training is different unlike other games that don’t have any new stuff on the newer versions. The poster also mentioned that he was watching streams to learn how the game works. Dedicated, in my opinion. His real life friends suggested that he should do low level quests first for lowbie EXP and to get those out of the way early.

He has 21 attack from Vampyre Slayer with some mild training. He also has 17 magic. With his stats, he did inquire on how to gain more EXP. What other quests can he do? Any suggestions? Let’s see what people from Reddit replied to him.


Buy OSRS Gold

Buy OSRS Gold: Responses

Redeye replied with:

“I honestly suggest you make a main before making a staker/pure(pker) you need to have a steady gold income from somewhere and a main is perfect or just that. Just my suggestion.”

One very nice player named Bigcros in Reddit responded:
“When you’re looking up 07 information, add “2007” to your search. So, “waterfall quest 2007” will lead you to the 2007 wiki. Welcome to the community!

Very welcoming! What a breath of fresh air.

One listed all the possible quests he can do:
Waterfall quest, gnome stronghold, grand tree, fight arena, death plateau, Dragon slayer, Fremennik Trials, etc. All great combat xp rewarding quests to get done with before you even start training on monsters.

After that I recommend getting into slayer.”

Nothing against Runescape 3 but loyal Runescape players still prefer Old School Runescape. I really don’t know their reason of going back to the older version but it’s pretty sure that they need drastic changes to Runescape 3 or they will lose all their players.

Breaking Rocks for Runescape Items

Vorago is a gigantic, rocky, and extremely powerful boss monster created by the Anima Mundi and this boss was usually hunted for Runescape Items. He has been billed as the toughest boss monster in RuneScape. He is an ancient being that caused chaos in the past, but was later defeated by a powerful weapon known as the maul of omens, prompting him to fall into a restorative slumber.

Breaking Rocks for Runescape Items

Vorago used his remaining power to destroy the weapon. Towards the end of the Fifth Age, he awakened, now friendlier, albeit no less powerful.

Getting to know the Boss for Runescape Items

Vorago is found in the Borehole, a large cave north of Falador. Having awoken, he is prepared to defend Gielinor from any future threats he deems worthy of his intervention. One such threat was Tuska, to whom Vorago struck the finishing blow in the conclusion of the Tuska Comes event.

Vorago is located in the Borehole just north of Falador. The closest teleport is the Falador lodestone or Falador Teleport and its tablet version. The portal inside the Max Guild can be attuned to Vorago, arriving right at the entrance to the cave.

Sliske can be seen talking to Vorago about Tuska’s defeat. When he spots the player, he will teleport away.

While idle in his cave, Vorago is willing to accept challenges from adventurers to test his strength. He may be fought in groups, who will need to salvage the Maul of Omens from his body and use it to defeat him at the end of the fight. Using the maul of omens to finish off Vorago is a requirement for trimming the completionist cape.

Profits in Getting Runescape Items

In earning Runescape gold in the beginning of the game is a great start for players who have great interest in the game. If you have great amount of gold, Runescape item and other expenses for your character is not a problem. You can also get profits with the items you get and sell them for gold or vice versa.

Offering gold to other players can also be a source of profit.