Dragon Slayer F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters Part 3

Dragon Slayer is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters, and is regarded as the most difficult of all F2P quests. Once successfully completed, players will gain the ability to equip the rune platebody and its variants, the blue d’hide body and its variants, and the batwing torso. Read the article to find out more about Thalzar’s map piece.

rs gold thalzar

How to Obtain Thalzar’s Map Piece for RS Gold Hunters

There are a few items you will need for this next part of the quest: an unfired bowl, a Wizard’s Mind Bomb, a lobster pot or a crayfish cage, and silk—all of which you can purchase off with cheap Runescape gold. You will travel to the Ice Mountain, west of Edgeville and north of Falador.

The Oracle and the Riddle for RS Gold Hunter

Once you have reached the Ice Mountain, climb to the northern-most part of the mountain and speak to the Oracle, who is standing beside a tent. She will speak to you in a riddle, which when deciphered, answers the location to where Thalzar’s map piece is:

“The map’s behind a door below,
but entering is rather tough
This is what you need to know,
You must use the following stuff:

First, a drink used by a mage,
Next, some worm string changed to a sheet,
Then, a small crustacean cage,
Last, a bowl that’s not seen heat.”

First Things First for RS Gold Hunters

In order to obtain this piece of the map, again, you will need an unfired bowl, a Wizard Mind Bomb which you can buy in Falador for 3 rsgold, a lobster pot or a crayfish cage which you can buy in Port Sarim or Lumbridge fishing shop, and a piece of silk which you can get from the silk trader in Al Kharid at the cost of 3 cheap rs gold (or 2 if you bargain successfully). In the event that you’re a bit short on coins (which is unlikely at this point), you can always buy Runescape gold.

To the Dwarven Mines for RS Gold Hunters

After you have all these items, make your way down into the Dwarven Mines, just northeast of the Falador lodestone. The mine contains a room with a sealed entrance door in the northeast part of the area, just north of the scorpions. Once you’ve found it, use all the items on the Magical Door. Note that you must use the Wizard’s Mind Bomb with the door, as the left-click action will make you drink it. When you open the chest inside the room, you will get the following message written by Thalzar:

“Here I rest the map to my beloved home. To whoever finds it, I beg of you, let it be. I was honor-bound not to destroy the map piece, but I have used all of my magical skill to keep it from being recovered. This map leads to the lair of the beast that destroyed my home, devoured my family, and burned to a cinder all that I love. But revenge would not benefit me now, and to disturb this beast is to risk bringing its wrath down upon another land. I cannot stop you from taking this map piece now, but think on this: if you can slay the Dragon of Crandor, you are a greater hero than my land ever produced. There is no shame in backing out now.”

Search the chest after reading the message in order to retrieve Thalzar’s map piece. You can now either obtain either Melzar’s map piece or Lozar’s map piece.

What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters P2

What’s Mine is Yours is an F2P quest for cheap RS gold hunters in Runescape who want more gold4rs. In this quest, you need to help revive Doric the dwarf’s dying business, but there is actually more to the story than that. Find out more in the second part of the walkthrough below!

rs gold boric doric

Back to the Workshop for RS Gold Hunters

Speak with Doric and recount what happened at the Rimmington mining site with the living rock brawlers, the dark wizard, and the dwarf. Show him the wizard’s diary and the Gofannon amulet. Now that you have acquired the ores, Doric will ask you to use them to smith a bronze sword and a bronze dagger as samples to show Sir Amik. Craft the weapons on the anvil in Doric’s house: first, smelt two high quality bronze bars, then use them on the anvil to smith a high quality bronze dagger and a high quality bronze sword. After doing so, show them to Doric for the further instruction. As the weapons require more finish, take them to Aksel in the Artisan’s Workshop, located in east Falador. Upon arrival, Aksel will require that you retrieve a progress report from Sten downstairs. Descend the stairs and walk east to speak to Sten. Report back to Aksel and receive the finished bronze sword and dagger.

Apprehending an Imposter for RS Gold Hunters

Take the finished weapons to Sir Amik’s squire, Cerlyn, and he will grant you an audience with Sir Amik. You will find Cerlyn in the White Knight’s Castle, ground floor, western tower; however, he will inform you of a dwarf already speaking with Sir Amik, claiming to be a representative of Doric. Tell Cerlyn that it must be an imposter, and a cutscene will play, showing Sir Amik and the concealed dwarf having a conversation. Interrupt their conversation and the dwarf will reveal himself. He is Doric’s lost son, Boric, who bears a grudge against his father. Sir Amik will dismiss off both of you, and you’ll automatically take Boric back to his father to resolve their issues.

Mending Family Issues for RS Gold Hunters

Settle the family feud between father and son. To fix their relationship, have Boric explain to Doric why he didn’t want to be sent to Keldagrim, and Doric explain that he was only trying to do what was best for his son. Successfully persuade the two to reconcile, and they will agree to restart the business together. After settling the said feud, Doric will tell you that you are officially a partner for “Doric & Son”. He will give you eight more high quality bronze bars, and will request that you smith some ornamental armour and a sign to get it started. Smith the ornamental chain body, ornamental plate body, and the shop sign on the anvil and give them to Doric. Afterwards, they will ask you to go down the steps inside the house and mine the rocks blocking the way into the mine. After opening the passage, go back upstairs and let Doric know that the job is done to complete the quest. Before heading on to the next task, you may opt to upgrade your equipment and stack up on items when you buy Runescape gold.

Shield of Arrav F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters Part 2

Shield of Arrav is an F2P Runescape gold4rs hunters’ quest where the shield of the famous Arrav of Avarrocka has been stolen by organized crime syndicates in Varrock. Find out more about this quest in the article below.

runescape gold arrav p2

More about the Phoenix Gang for Runescape Gold Hunters

Previously, you climbed the ladder down to the hideout. Once inside the hideout, talk to Straven to ask to join. He will mention the Varrock Herald newspaper as a cover up. There should be an option to tell him that you know who he is: a member of the Phoenix Gang. If this option isn’t there, go back to Baraek and ask him about the Phoenix gang again, as you missed getting all of the information about them. After that, Straven will request that you kill Jonny the Beard. He is located in Varrock’s Blue Moon Inn. Before fighting him, you might want to buy better items with cheap Runescape gold to equip your character with. If you’re done, go to the pub located near the south entrance of Varrock. Go inside and find Johnny the Beard and kill him. He shouldn’t be too difficult. Jonny will drop a report which Straven needs. Retrieve the report and bring it back to him, and then speak with him to become a Phoenix Gang member. Straven will also give you the Weapon store key, which you will need to save for your partner. Look around for a chest in the south-west corner of the hideout to find one half of the Shield of Arrav. You can only grab one shield at a time, and you can no longer obtain it after completing the quest.

More about the Black Arm Gang for Runescape Gold Hunters

For the Black Arm Gang’s side, Katrine wants you to steal from the Phoenix Gang. She wants two of their crossbows. However, you will need a partner or friend in the Phoenix Gang to complete this quest. When your partner or friend has joined the Phoenix Gang, they will be given a Weapon store key. Ask them for this key and once you have it, go to the Phoenix Gang’s hideout location, but remember to stay above-ground. The hideout is near the south-east corner of Varrock. Look for locked door and use the key, then climb up the ladder. You might want to prepare yourself with a few items you can equip when you buy RS gold. Here you will have to face the Weaponsmaster. If you try to pick up the crossbow without killing the Weaponsmaster first, he will prevent you from doing so. Once he is dead, take two Phoenix crossbows. Once you have both of them, go back to Katrine to become a member of the Black Arm Gang. Go upstairs in the hideout and look for a cupboard, which contains one half of the Shield of Arrav.

Finishing Up for Runescape Gold Hunters

Now, to finish the quest and earn your reward of rsgold, take your half of the shield to King Roald. He will say that you need a certificate for the reward and that you need see the Curator in Varrock Museum. You can find him east of the Varrock Palace. Go and see the Curator, then use your half of the shield on him. Upon speaking with the Curator, he will give you 2 halves of the certificate. Your partner, who has the other half of the Shield of Arrav, will get the other halves of the certificate. Trade 1 half of the certificate with your partner for the other 1 half. When you have both halves, use one of them on the other half, to get a full certificate. Take the certificate to King Roald to claim your reward.

Shadow Over Ashdale F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters Part 1

Ships ferrying supplies to Ashdale have returned with their cargo still aboard, reporting that the island has apparently been deserted. Help Gudrik investigate the mystery surrounding Ashdale and find out what’s going on in this free-to-play quest for Runescape gold hunters!

runescape gold ashdale 1

Evil Aboard: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

To prompt this quest, speak with Gudrik, southwest of Taverley bank. He will tell you about the supply ships that are regularly sent to Ashdale only to come back with their cargo still aboard. Ashdale is an island located near the Feldip Hills and is apparently deserted due to an evil aura looming over it. Gudrik, old as he is, wants you to travel to Ashdale to investigate the situation for him. Doing this quest has no requirements, and will reward you with rsgold and more.

The Mystery of the Island: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

The ship is docked to the west. Board the ship to venture to Ashdale once you’ve stacked up on items which you can purchase with gold4rs.Upon your arrival, walk through the town. You will encounter some slime and a claw on the way, which you can inspect if you wish, and then continue onward until you meet Lucy, who is cowering in her house. She will inform you that the town was attacked by horrible creatures and were taken away as she was hiding in her attic. The whereabouts of the townspeople are unknown, but she thinks they may be taken under the island somewhere. You will need to get to the other side of the island, and Lucy will suggest you go through the sewers, which can be entered through a pipe behind her house.

Rats, Slime, and a Crassian Scout: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Enter the sewer from the storm drain out the back door of Lucy’s house. The sewer is populated by a few non-aggressive Level 2 sewer rats, and three cheap RS gold coin spawns can be found along the way. Continue onward until you reach a large chamber, where you will step in some slime and a crassian scout, and prompt an ambush from above. It attacks with both ranged and melee, and has the ability to stun you, and then retreat to attack you from a distance. Once its adrenaline bar reaches over 50%, it will gain the ability to use an attack which will dish out a large amount damage. You can either continue engaging it or simply run past it; your call. If you kill it, though, the crassian will drop aminnow, which you can consume to restore 200 of your life points and may help you for the duration of this quest if you haven’t purchased any consumables before, when you buy Runescape gold.

The Mystery of the Island: Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunter

Continue down the sewer and you will eventually reach the second chamber, with a second crassian scout waiting for you. Again, you have the option to run past it, or kill it in the same fashion as the first, before heading up the ladder. Emerge from the storm drain to the Ashdale Farm, which is empty of cows. Head south up two sets of stairs past the minnow pond, and a short cutscene will play, showing a house. There will be two more aggressive crassian scouts which you can fight or run from. Go through the gate to the south and enter the house at the top. Obtain a page from an old journal from the table to learn more about the Fourth Age architect Ogden Plainview and the history of the house. You will also come to know that there is a hidden entrance to the caves in the house. Inspect the bust of his head, and the centerpiece of the room will transform into a staircase leading to the caves.

The Restless Ghost F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Oh, no! A ghost is haunting Lumbridge Graveyard—and the priest of the Lumbridge Church of Saradomin wants you to get rid of it. The Restless Ghost is a free-to-play quest in Runescape when you buy Runescape gold. Read the article below for a walkthrough/guide to this quest!

runescape gold ghost

Grave Matters: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

It seems a ghost has been haunting the graveyard behind the Lumbridge Church. To start the quest, simply speak with Father Aereck at the Lumbridge Church of Saradomin. He will ask you to help him lay a ghost to peace, but first, you must speak with Father Urhney. You can find him in the swamps behind Lumbridge Castle. Apparently, this father is an expert ghost hunter himself. Exit the graveyard through the southern exit and head through the swamps, south of the Lumbridge Castle. Follow the shoreline to a mining area, and then walk west towards a small hut.

Father Urhney, the Ghost Hunter: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

You will find Father Urhney meditating inside the small hut. At first, he will be unwilling to offer his services, though he will eventually give you a ghostspeak amulet. The amulet will allow you to communicate with otherworldly spirits. Afterwards, you should prepare as there will be a fight. Though a relatively easy quest, it won’t hurt to stack up on a few useful items, which you can buy with gold4rs.

Rest in Pieces: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Once you’re done, leave the swampy area and head back towards the graveyard in Lumbridge. There is a coffin located within the gated region, adjacent to the Catacombs in the Lumbridge graveyard. Now’s a good time to equip items you’ve bought with cheap Runescape gold in your inventory, and also the ghostspeak amulet you got from Father Urhney, before speaking with the restless ghost. The restless ghost will reveal that he isn’t sure why he hasn’t departed, though he suggests it might have to do with his missing skull. He recounts that he was attacked by a warlock as he was mining to the south west. You will now have to retrieve it for him.

Locating the Missing Skull: The Restless Ghost F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

As expected, the ghost’s skull is located near the mining area, south of the graveyard. Search the rocks a bit to the east of the mining area, and you will find the skull inside your inventory. However, this is where the fight will be prompted: a skeleton warlock will appear and attack you. You have the option to actually run away from the skeleton instead of killing it, though this battle generally won’t be too difficult, so you might as well kill it. Whatever your decision is, return to the cemetery where the ghost resides and use the muddy skull on the open coffin. Shortly after a cutscene, the ghost will thank you and then fly off into the River Lum, thus concluding this quest.

Generating Profit from Pottery for more Runescape Gold

Crafting results in a lot of useful things in Runescape. It is one of the best features in any RPG game, since it permits the player to customize and create their weapons and armor and specify the stats that come with them as per their player’s preferences. Here are the means by which you can generate profit from crafting for more rsgold.

pottery runescape gold

Pottery for more Runescape Gold – Overview

Crafting is a skill that permits players to create things, for example, jewelry, pottery, and armor for your own use, or for trading and earning more gold4rs. One strategy to create more RS gold is through crafting. In order to craft specific items, there are a couple of essential items that you should first accumulate. Pottery is a skill that is not extremely valuable at higher levels; however, many lower levels may think that it is helpful in leveling up their Crafting. In case you’re too lazy, or you don’t have the luxury of time to farm resources, you can simply decide to buy cheap Runescape gold from fellow players who have some to spare. Otherwise, read below for a few tips and tricks for crafting materials from pottery.

The Basics of Pottery for Earning More Runescape Gold

First, obtain clay ore, either through Mining or by purchasing it with RS gold from another player. Make soft clay from the clay ore on a water source or a jug or a bucket of water in your inventory. You can also wear a bracelet of clay which will mine wet clay for 28 uses. Then, go to a potter’s wheel and use the soft clay with it. Choose what you wish to create, and take the unfired item to a pottery oven (found near the potter’s wheel), and use them together in order to make the finished product.

Getting to Know the Pottery Interface for Runescape Gold Collectors

As soon as you get to a pottery, click on the potter’s wheel to start. After you click the potter’s wheel, you will see the pottery crafting interface. From here, you can choose what you want to mold the clay into. The default section is the Pottery category. This consists of normal every day craftable items, such as the following:

  • Pot – used for holding flour, yeast, or bonemeal
  • Urn – used for collecting scraps from your skill tasks
  • Pie dish – used for making pie
  • Plant pot – used for growing saplings
  • Bowl – used for making stew, curry, or for holding water and tea
  • Pot lid – used for keeping pots airtight

More about Urns in Pottery for Runescape Gold

Urns are used to catch scraps and offcuts while you are fishing, mining, smelting, cooking, woodcutting, or killing demonic creatures, and they can be teleported away for an XP boost. In order to make an urn, you will need lots of soft clay. Take the soft clay to a potter’s wheel, and the pottery crafting interface will come up. You will be given the option of making which type of urn you want to mold. Choose a skill that you want your urn to be attuned to—either cooking, fishing, mining, prayer, smelting, or woodcutting. You will then be asked to choose the quality of your urn; the options include cracked, fragile, normal, strong, and decorated. Note that prayer urns are ordered according to the ash they collect: impious, accursed, and infernal. The types of urns you are allowed to make is generally dependent on your current Crafting skill level. Once you have decided upon what type of urn you need, click the mold button and the clay will be formed. Once it is formed, take it to the pottery oven. Finally, you may now add a rune to the urn so that it is activated, thus providing 1 XP in the skill the urn is related to you, and is bound to you and can later be teleported to Ernie, the urn lover in Varrock. Again, if you really don’t want to trouble yourself with crafting and pottery whatnot, you can just buy RS gold from other players.