[Update] Competitive System for Old School Runescape Gold Famers

Be competitive with the reworked player vs player system of runescape! Especially, upcoming tournament, it’s a place where competitive old school runescape players to showcase their skills. Old school runescape gold farmers, the betting system in duel arena has a new anti-scamming measure. If you think you are good enough, try competing against other players through staking your valuable items that is if you are really good!

Let’s talk about the event, tournament arena, and duel arena rework!


[Update] The Tournament Old School Runescape Gold

For the participants, each team is composed of 5 players. The teams will be participating on three player vs player game modes: first to kill 50 kills, last team standing, and king of the hill.

The “first to kill 50 kills,” is where the first team who scores 50 kills would be declared as the winner. The rules are pretty simple, kill the opponent 50 times, but it would take complicated mechanics to win.

The “last team standing,” is a quick match up. The participating team enters the arena and the first team to be wiped loses. Formulate a strategy that is effective against all situations. Example: killing the squishy characters first, if it didn’t work, focus on one target. We are humans. We formulate strategies; it’s the reason why mankind survived thousands of years.

“King of the Hill,” features defend and attack system. There will be a vantage point for players who capture it and defended well would score higher and be victorious.

[Update] The Tournament Arena Old School Runescape Gold

For participants of the upcoming tournament, there is an arena to practice – The tournament arena. It’s open for all players.

Every player who enters the arena will automatically be buffed to their maximum stats and could choose the best equipment. However, these things all disappear upon exiting the tournament arena.

[Update] Duel Arena Rework Old School Runescape Gold

The rule presets is now capable of saving chosen rules for duels. The highlight of this rework is, developers providing the anti-scamming measures for secured betting. This could be a good source of old school runescape gold if your character is strong enough to compete.

[Event] Scapers’ Summer Beach Party for Runescape Accounts Owners

Events that will heat your summer even more are now coming to runescape! Runescape accounts owners would be left in the state of awe with exciting activities such as: fight clawdia, build sandcastles, fish at the rock pools, bust out the barbecue, pick coconuts and many more! These events offer fascinating rewards like bonus experience and unique items.

This article will tackle the event: summer beach party. So, sit back and relax!


Summer Beach Party Event for Runescape Accounts: Overview

There is no need to hurry with finishing all the events. The event will last until august, so enjoy the event as much as possible. Rushing things could apply pressure to anyone. Events are organized for players to enjoy, not a source of stress. However, some runescape enthusiasts may feel the pressure, because unique items are at stake if they don’t finish the event on time!

A friendly reminder: Enjoy the game to the fullest!

Summer Beach Party Event for Runescape Accounts: Activities

An event monster will spawn at the center of the beach party, at every 45 past every hour. Clawdia’s damage scales based on the character’s health points. Basically, if the character’s level is high, Clawdia’s damage is also high. Through this system, everybody can participate, from low levels to high levels.

The other activities: build castle, fish at the rock pools, bust out the barbecue, pick coconuts and try the coconut shy are pretty simple. There will be guidance for every specific activity. Every event provides experience points to characters.

But wait, there is more! There will be more events coming next few weeks. Be sure to experience all the present events.

Summer Beach Party Event for Runescape Accounts: Rewards

As mentioned above, experience points are the basic kind of reward in the event. Everything a character do there will probably be an experience points rewards from it.

However, you didn’t come for experience points right? Every time clawdia is killed or a finished an event, common loots are provided: Ice cream, anti sun potion and cocktails as common items.

For the rare items, clawdia and activities may provide a token. This token can be exchanged for cosmetic weapons, headgears, emotes and more!

[Guide] Slaying Zulrah for Old School Runescape Gold Farmers

The newly released boss in old school runescape has been a target for many old school runscape gold farmers. Zulrah is a solo-only boss, meaning it cannot be ganged. Parties cannot enter and kill Zulrah. Only a single player could have the opportunity to fight zulrah.

Zulrah is a boss monster vulnerable to ranged attacks, though melee attacks are nullified against zulrah.

There are three kinds of zulrah, the classic zulrah, armored zulrah and crystal zulrah. Obviously, the strongest and the toughest of all is the crystal zulrah.

Anyway, rere are some guidelines on how to slay zulrah


Slaying Zulrah for Old School Runescape Gold Farmers: General Strategy

Dueling zulrah has some mechanics to be followed for the player to survive or to kill zulrah efficiently. Zulrah has two forms, the green form and blue form. If against the green zulrah, activate “protect from missiles.” If against blue zulrah activate “protect from magic.”

The duel with zulrah will always start with his green form. The green form has an attack that creates toxic fumes, avoid it at all costs.

The turquoise form is capable of creating toxic fumes and producing white orbs that will spawn snakeling, which deals a high amount of damage against players. However, snakelings only have 1 hit point and can easily be killed with one single attack.

Try not to crimson zulrah as much as possible. Use range attacks only. Crimson zulrah has some special status effect including stun and continuous damage taken.

Slaying Zulrah for Old School Runescape Gold Farmers: Safe Spots

Consider staying inside the yellow areas, no, always stay in the yellow areas to avoid being heavily damaged.

There are two safe spots for executing melee attacks in the realm of zulrah. It’s either on the left of the left pillar or the right side of the right pillar. It sounds quite dumb, but it’s true. If a player stands here, zulrah can’t attack and deal damage against the player.


Slaying Zulrah for Old School Runescape Gold Farmers: Zulrah’s Attack Patterns

Zulrah always begin as a green form. Follow these illustration for slaying zulrah with ease.


Runescape Accounts Owners’ Preparation before Going to Runefest 2015

Traveling to a game convention or anime convention is full of pleasant day dreaming, expectation of things happening inside the convention and especially the joy of going to your passion is priceless. In exchange to these pleasant experiences, a large crowd of people would also be attending, people that consume space. The lack of space would make you expect less, the unpleasant temperature will disrupt your daydream.

Expect these incidents in a game or anime convention.

However, don’t worry! This article will cover the hacks and tricks that will keep you day dreaming and maintain high expectations on runefest 2015!


Tips and Tricks for Runescape Accounts Owners: Escape the inescapable

Expect runescape account owners streaming in and out the runefest convention’s entrance. If possible avoid bringing bulky luggage to be capable of slipping through the crowd with ease.

Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable, clothes that balance the temperature (if such clothes exist.) The venue’s temperature is sometimes unstable, cold will suffice, after a while, heat will take over. Don’t wear something that is too hot or too cold. Be cautious of the weather and temperature to determine the kind of clothes you are going to wear.

Tips and Tricks for Runescape Accounts Owners: Enjoying Runefest 2015

Embrace the whole event. It’s not your daily trips in the park, so don’t just walk around looking for stuff that will catch your interest. Walk around while participating in every event you past through. You can be crazy but don’t exaggerate. If there is a cosplayer, take a photo with him/her, if it’s a question and answer event, don’t be shy to raise your hand, if there is a weird booth, enter without doubt. Do all the things you seldom experience in your daily life. Remember it’s only a one day event, and you would not want to waste your effort and money just to stand there watching how the event will end. It’s regretful when the event ended without doing anything.

Tips and Tricks for Runescape Accounts Owners: Runefest 2015 Guidelines

If you happen to be a brat or a child below 17, you must be accompanied by an adult.

Don’t bring anything dangerous that may cause damage in the venue such as: paint, real swords, real axes, flammable chemicals and other unpleasant stuff. You don’t want to pay for damaged stuff don’t you?

Farming Guide on Gathering Crops to Gain More Old School Runescape Gold

Farming is basically growing crops and harvesting them for useful items. Normally, players will harvest the plant itself, instead of letting the crops bloom fruits. There are many kinds of plants that a player could plant, including: vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, hops, wood-bearing trees, cacti and mushrooms. When a player reaches a certain level they are given the possibility to plant wood bearing tress.

There are different things to obtain when farming. As this guide will enlighten new players to gain more old school runsecape gold through farming.


Guide to Gain Old School Runescape Gold through Farming: Getting Started

One of the fastest ways to start farming is through doing the quest fairy tale I – growing pains. This will give the player an enormous amount of experience that would hop the player’s farming level from 1 to 17. Afterwards, the player will receive an item called “magic secateurs.” It is an item that increases the yield of crops by 10% while harvesting.

Guide to Gain Old School Runescape Gold through Farming: Crop Running

Crop running is a venture on visiting different farming locations to efficiently harvest crops. It is for high level players who have yet to start gaining levels on farming.

To start crop running, plant marigolds in a flower patch but do not harvest them. Some plants are protected by marigold. However, plants such as cabbages are not. These kinds of plants need to be protected by a gardener.

Onion and tomato are used to pay gardeners.

When planting herbs, always use supercompost, it’s to avoid herbs from getting diseases while growing.

When farming always keep in mind these stuff to gain more old school runescape gold, and it’s not that complicated.

Guide to Gain Old School Runescape Gold through Farming: List of Tools

Here is a list of farming tools:

Rake – used for getting rid of weeds in a plot

Spade – used for harvesting crops, removing dead plants and bushes

Watering Can – used for watering plants

Seed dibber – is for planting seeds

Gardening Trowel – is for filling plant pots with soil

Secateurs – to diminish diseased branches and bushes

Basket – it is used to store fruits

Sack – used for storing vegetables

Plants Pot – used for growing tree saplings.

Greetings Runescape Accounts Owners! The Spectacular Runefest is coming on October 3, 2015!

Runefest is not your ordinary game event. It’s an event that will shift the world of runescape players into reality. There will be a lot of people in cosplay, meet the administrators and moderators of runescape, your favorite background music will be played, meet your guild mates and more!

The runefest tickets will cost £99 each. People who have gone in runefest 2014 said it’s worth the money. Runescape account owners had fun during the event.


Recommendations for Runescape Accounts Owners before Going to Runefest

First of all, wear comfortable clothes that aren’t very hot. You wouldn’t want to find yourself sweating a lot after a long series of walk. The event will be quite huge and expect that you’re going to move around a lot in the venue. Expect that there are a lot of people, and avoid bringing bulky luggage with you, you’ll have a hard time going in any convention with heavy stuff. The most important thing is before going to the runefest make sure that you’re comfortable wearing out your stress in life and enjoy the event/convention!

Try to manage to get there early, because a popular event such as this will have a large amount of people streaming in the venue’s entrance, going there would make you suffer instead of enjoying the event fully. If possible book yourself in a hotel a week before the event to familiarize yourself with the environment and definitely will avoid you from being late.


Cosplay Recommendations for Runescape Accounts Owners

If you’re considering to be going there in a cosplay, try not to bring something that will damage the venue such as: real axe, real sword, flammable chemicals, paints and other stuff that will bring unpleasant effect on the event.

Frequently Asked Questions by Runescape Accounts Owners

Is there an age limit? Yes, anyone under 16 years old shall be accompanied by adults.

Where can I buy a runefest ticket? The administrators still haven’t announced where to buy tickets. Runescape staffs will announce when are tickets will become available.

Will there be a runefest in-game item this year? Yes, the runescape staffs are probably going to surprise runescape accounts owners with the item. Like what happened in runescape 2014, they gave players a red dragon teleport.

Updates for the Month of June to Notify Runescape Accounts Owners

Tuska the world eater shakes the world of runescape on her arrival during the first week of june! Discover slayer belt! An idea proposed by Dragonsseed, makes runescape accounts owners adventures become more excited and convenient. Adamant and Another from runelabs, the Adamant & Rune dragon proposed by Dragonforcae! This article will cover the update from tuska and rune dragons, so seat back and relax, as we feed you hot news!


Tuska the World Eater New Quest for Runescape Accounts Owners!

The world must unite to defeat Tuska or it will be destroyed same as what happened to other worlds! Tuska is one of the biggest monsters Gielinor has faced so far. Its size is like combining six “Mahs.” It’s so big that enables a player to walk around Tuska.

The good thing about this world event is even free players can participate; however, many of its rewards are only obtainable by runescape account members.

What are the rewards for this event? Rewards such as: the new warpriest set, ability for slayer targets, emotes, cosmetic overrides and ample amount of experience!

To access tuska, simply go to access the new lodstone teleport which is automatically unlocked that takes you straight to tuska’s back. Afterward, talk to the factions’ representatives – Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak and the Godless. Choose one to devote on. The event goes hourly that requires 10 players for each party.

The New Slayer Belt for Runescape Accounts Owners!

The slayer belt gives a player extra 12 spaces for slayer equipments, which save a lot of precious inventory space.

Specifically, what kinds of item could a player put in the belt? Items such as: rock hammer, slayer bell, crystal chime, Ouroboros pouch, bonecrusher, charming imp, seedicide and herbicide.


New Dragons to Hunt for Runescape Accounts Owners!

Adamant dragons can be found within the brimhaven dungeon, these dragons are much stronger than their mithril cousins.

Rune Dragons can be found in Kethsi, which can easily be accessed through the world gate. It requires the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods to enter. The rune dragons has an elite version of it, which is stronger than normal ones, of course, the loots from these elite versions are even more valuable than the normal version’s loots.